Okay, here’s proof


I didn’t get a sudden like increase when I made my Hopscotch name MagmaPOP.


it used to be that if you get hella branches/remixes you woud be top of trending

my first project stayed up there for like 1 week lololool



Why is this on my topic tho?


Yes i agree it’s annoying


It’s what gets likes lately lol


So to get likes do edgy stuff


Dont force artists off of hopscotch but give coders more attention


Yeah but make it ((extra)) edge
"I’m not fine."


Yeah that’s what I want but noooooo


You either force them off of hopscotch meaning less people use hopscotch and (potentionally) lose the interest to code

Or let them dominate trending


Edge is in my blood hun ;)


Yeah. It’s sad


"It’s nothing."
“No one likes me.”


I mean i used to rp on hopscotch

I cant believe i was on trending tbh

I expected code to be on trending and for the rps ive done to be in newest at least


“Wake me up inside”


Yeah I was MAd when my art was on trending man


“all around me are familiar faces”


Yeah what a nice system


That just causes people to leave man