Okay, here’s proof


So, artists get more attention on hopscotch. We all know that. Here’s proof.

  1. @Carlique joined after me. Got more likes, remixes, plays, features, etc.
  2. I did an experiment. I made an art account, posted a couple times, used the edgy way, then I got trending. Wowwie.

    (I’m anime_artist)
    So. Anyone still wondering why I’m inactive on hopscotch anymore?


I agree
Trending is awful


This is why I freaked out when I got top of trending with a game


Same, but with a background


I agree with you. New users get all the likes and stuff. I even made another account cause I like Star Wars and it got quite a few more then my original user.


The Complete opposite happens to me…nobody ever like a project on a new account for me. My normal account is the one that gets all the likes.


Yeah ummm (my new account is forgotten).
I think if u do art u get likes. If u do code u no get likes.


Exceptions are COAN, BlastFusion and me



Drawings are good


Wow thats an edgy drawing


How Relatable


I got likes

a few, just a few :s

Are you talking recently?




MagmaPOP too



Oh yeah, recently
Sorry, I’m being dumb today


It’s fine lol




I mean
(According to your bio)


Well duh. Artists may be talented but this is a coding app! If you want to draw, go doodle somewhere else! If you want to draw on hopscotch- code it with trail art!


Artists get too much attention thats true but dont force them off hopscotch