Okay, any good Coders out there…respond for a Collab. First one I choose gets one


The title says it all. We will have an account. No telling/changing the username or the password. And if you aren't part of the collab, or don't want to be, then please don't view.

We shouldn't mix up our usernames. There will only be one good coder coding with me.

And it is the girl doing this.

Requirements to join:

  • Must have been on featured or rising once OR have received a follow and/or several likes from me
  • Must not use acronyms in the project
  • Must only code when the other isn't in the account, and we have to talk to each other before adding something so that we agree on adding it


Hi! I'll do it. I have had 2 features.
Just so u know i a, the worlds worst artist but i think of meself as a good coder...


I will I have had 1 rising (that probably doesn't matter) but I am also a good artist I think and I have made many games/random stuff that people have liked?! Me? You have followed me!mand liked my stuff.