Ok, so no one told me about 'templates' for pixel art. Read more to help this defenceless little girl


Ok, so I don't think I used the word 'defenceless' properly. Anyway, as you see, I am this little girl. And i want to know what this template thing is. Because I just made a pixel art without a template and it was super hard, so I want to have this template thing in mind for next time. Now, here is mui poll:

  • I haf no idea wat a template is, lik KoolM123
  • I know a little about templates
  • I know wat a template is, and I should have told KoolM123 ages ago


Votes are public.

The third one makes me go XD


Sorry, I dunno anything about pixel art and stuff...


I know what a template is, but why would I have thought that I should have told you? Lol.


Do you mean pixel art templates like this?


Umm... Yes



To get them, just search up "pixel art templates", then find the one you want


Oh wow, that's simple. I guess I don't really need this topic anymore...


@anyone that can close this, please do! I'm not thinking of recycling, I'm not going to make another topic soon!