Ok no offense but


It seems like everybody is over concerned with "gossiping". Like, the mention of someone's name on a topic in which they are not present is considered gossip if it's not a tag. Like, I feel like people find this to be gossip:
Forumer 1: What's up forumer 2
Forumer 2: What's up? Did you hear forumer three got banned?
Forumer 4: please stop gossiping!



Well it's not nice to talk about banned peeps, especially cause they can't post back or defend themselfs if people lie about them. So better to just not talk about them I guess.


I hate to say that I've been being like forumer four... It's just that they can see it and might feel bad that so many people are talking about them.


The people who you are talking about wouldn't be able to defend themselves or talk for themselves, as they are banned. They wouldn't want us talking about this certain person.

This is why we do not like doing this.


Guys, just because I used the ban thing for an example doesent mean that's the only thing I'm talking about....could you guys please put in your two cents about so called gossiping of non-banned peeps, if you will?


That's the definition of gossiping buddy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"Did you hear [rando] got banned" is gossiping, it's talking about someone behind their back, or in a circumstance where they can't respond


Here is the definition of gossiping
Gossiping is usually saying something negative about someone or exposing someone's secret behind there backs.


So we're not aloud to say, "oh, (so and so) left" or "did you hear there was a flame war on (some topic)"
But what if you aren't saying anything negative? What if you are just giving facts and discussing facts? What's the harm in that?


Well, if someone is banned or suspended, usually they wouldent want somebody talking about them. Otherwise, I dont get why they would call stuff like that gossiping. I would take it as something rude.


Yeah, If its something negative or behind their backs, then its best to not talk about it.


Could you give me an example of that then?


Love your mature side/answer :clap:


On just about every topic discussing anything controversial that happened, even if we are just discussing facts, there is usally at least one person that's all like "please stop gossiping"


That's not really an example though


That's because I know I've seen it I just can't remember an example I'll find one alright?


I think gossiping is spreading rumours, insulting, or trash-talking about other people behind their backs. If people are just discussing facts, in my opinion, they are NOT gossiping.

Even if it may offend the person they are talking about, I still don't think that counts as gossiping.
Because I think that gossiping is not just simply talking about people behind their backs. It is more serious than that. Gossiping is quite insulting and hurtful. It is something we should all avoid.


Thanks, I agree with it all!


It really doesn't mater if they are gossiping. Ppl gossiped behind my back while I was suspended. Did I care? Nope

It's the internet for Pete sake. So these words don't mean anything

And ppl who intervene are annoying. It really doesn't help the situation (keep that in mind)


Just because you personally weren't effected by a thing, doesnt mean that others werent


P1: hey, can i have something else? I can't eat peanuts

P2: why not?

P1: im allergic

P2: PFFT! That's not real, you "allergic people" are just sensitive, I can have peanuts, and so can you, it's all a mental thing


. How does peanuts have to do with coding? XD