Ok i made a new game called fun run play it and give ideas please


play the game and give me ideas


Can you post a link please?


Cool game! I like it! Maybe you could add ground and music?


ok! :smile: thank you


thank you @EP125 i added a background check it out!


Ok! I'll look at it.


Nice! It looks great!


@EP125 thanks :slight_smile:


@PenguinGaming713 how do u


On the project there is a little gray box with an arrow coming out. Click on it and answer the math problem, click copy, and the paste it in a post on the forum.


@PenguinGaming713 https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y8dxjr4ye


That looks great! I love the variety of emojis!


:smiley: thanks :smile_cat:


@PenguinGaming713 :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I saw it and liked it! I love the varieties of emojis, but maybe when you di.e, you could put:

(Put under smiley emoji)

When :smiley:Is touching :package:,:zap:️, (etc.),
Invisibility 100

And under the other emojis,
Put the same line of code as the one I described for the smiley emoji.
Then, add a new object, called GAME OVER,

When Game Starts,
Invisibility 100

When :smiley: Is touching :package:Or​:zap:️,
Invisibility 0

And there is an idea!
(Also, create an ability for Invisibility and Visibility. This will make the code easier)
I hope this helped!!


This is a great game!


It's a cool game! :clap::smile:
Maybe You could consider making a general topic, instead of making multiple topics for each game? :smile:


@Dude73 this is my first topic in a week! :confused:


I know, but you could still combine all of your games into one topic. The timing doesn't really matter. ;)