Ok......... about the "Hackers"



Hello! It is Quinn here(that is my name)! Everyone needs to calm to down about the 'hackers'! They're no actually hackers, they are people that moniter the forum and look for the usernames and passwords for account information. So do not think it is actually "hackers".

Hackers, how to get rid of them

@Phase_Studios huh? Who are these people that find users and passwords for info?!??


I don't want to tell who they are, they will get suspicious about me.


@Phase_Studios oh, no, I'm just confused. I thought the "hackers" were people that guessed account passwords, made emails to change them, and put up projects in your private account.


Sorry if of topic but my name is Quinn to!


They think they are so "fancy"

But really all they do is wait until someone posts a collab username and pass. Lol

whole career ended


(hacker no offense ) OKAY, time to scan the forum...., found it pass=[#%^*><€¥;-2(?!&|\~€!]psy and user=I AM AWESOME, guess you aren't now... MUA HA HA HA HA


There are quite a few kind of hackers, there are White Hackers and Black Hackers (no, not skin colour, don't wanna start a racism war).

White Hackers will look for passwords and break into the account, BUT they won't do anything to the account and leave little to no trace of any break ins. They are just there to monitor the contents of the user.

Black Hacker from the other hand will do the same thing, but the opposite of the White Hacker.

So does that answer you question? Because if that answers EVERY SINGLE hacking related questions then please STOP discussing about them.

Because the more we emphasize about the situation, the worst it gets.

Thank you...


@comicvillestudios so was I hacked by a White Hacker or Black?

Someone changed my password for ALL my accounts.
But yet, they didn't do anything else to my accounts, AT ALL


Changing of passwords means the hacker is a Black Hacker.



Black hat hackers are by definition "skilled hackers" and actually hack to get into systems and such. The kind of hackers we are describing here don't actually have a hat, because they aren't actually hacking anything.