@oio What to do next?


When i first used Hopscotch, the first thing i noticed was no accurate collision detect and i coded that as much as the app could handle. I wanted to draw the notes and have the music played and i did that.
Now i'm at a loss for something to do on the Hopscotch app.
Drawpads and a long list of "Kiddies" games are of no interest to me.

I'm thinking something to do with text/information.
Like a story, but the variables (names,times,places,actions) can be tapped to change to something else from a list that would appear.
This would be different from a "Choose your own adventure" as only 1 word in a sentence or paragraph would be changed. But this would have a domino effect that would change the rest of the story.
A bit like travelling back in time and making a small change and this change effects allot of other actions,results in the future.

Like a guy is having an affair with a girl next door and she asks him over at night while his wife's working.
Tapping/changing a time value changes the text/story.
Example, change time to 7:00 pm to meet and the guy gets home at 9:00 pm just before the guys wife comes home and she's just a little suspicious of some things.
Change the time to 8:00 pm and the guy quickly rushes home as his wife's already driving into the garage and the guy has to make an excuse and she's very suspicious and angry.
What do you think?


I'm not oio, but this game sounds awesome. It would be amazing to see it in the app


This sounds cool :blush::hugging:
Can't wait to see it


Sounds amazing! Well, try using When ___ = ___s and Check Once Ifs and Check If Elses.


If i make this, mostly only "When?" code blocks are needed to change texts.
Thinking about it now, i haven't seen any texts that can be quickly changed that change other texts at the same time in a story.


Use values. They're very…value-able


That sounds awesome! Can't wait until it comes out! :grinning:


I'm going to make a really simple one of this, hold on


Here it is! I made these on the spot, so they don't make too much sense, but here it is



I like the short scene you wrote.:heart:
and 42 likes so quickly.
This idea requires more than usual work.
It's like writing 10 short stories at once.