Ohhhhhhhhhh Boy (message?)



Uhh so im unmotivated to code agian. Letme explain. Ive lost the "kick" and excitement to coding. It feels like work and not a hobby. I feel like im forced. And im not just talking about hopscotch. Scratch two. I used to have this High motivation and fun. As I said, newer things made from me feel like I was on a chain and painful. Heres a motivation chart (ts a little accurate)

Is there a way I can get that kick back into it? Any ideas?
Heck a song might work

By the way if you think im l.eaving

Ill destory you


Yeah but I'll rekt you


oh yea skrub


Thats the same way I feel rn :\

I hope you get back into it!


I have some game ideas. Are you interested?


Oh no!

I hope we both get better


Its not exactly ideas... Im developing a game.

Its just bugs and Im not motivated



@Rodrigo I'd love to hear your ideas! :D


Yea. I would to!

I was gonna say that but I forgot to :/


Maybe cool ideas could make you motivated to code...? :D


Oh, I see. Yeah, motivation is hard to get. Even when you know you want to do it, sometimes you just feel a lot of weight on your shoulders, I guess.

My suggestion is to just keep coding. :slight_smile: Honestly, there are a lot of times when I don't want to do something (art, design, music, etc.) but I force myself to keep going.


Hahaha, I'll post them very soon :slight_smile:



I think it partly is from bugs.....

Theres this one bug that just I cant even.


You can't even what?


Yay! :D



Scratch and hopscotch.
In the game im making there was this bug with trail art.
My exitment for the game just went downhill :/


Just keep coding. There will always be ups and downs in terms of excitement. It happens all the time. But I do believe that the more net-hours you invest on one activity the better you become at it.


You got a coding block?
I know how it feels, especially with art blocks.


Thats what Ive been doing! But mostly I used to have this excitement and stuff, but it feels like work. And I want it to be this fun hobby. Buuuutttttt thats not happening. Any suggestions?
And yes I have kept coding for a while but it still feels like work since the mario thing I made


Code a basketballl game it will help because basketball is awesome