Oh. Sad face. Meh. Halp. It's my 101th day. I didn't notice. Oh well



The title says it all! I am a bit sad I forgot that yesterday was my 100th day.
I guess since it's my 101th day I will give out:

• 7 art requests to the first people that reply that want one
• 7 project requests for the first people that reply that want one
• a forum party (idk)
• 100 likes + follow to people that want one! (I lob liking >v<) But please know that I will unfollow people that spam projects, doing rps, and do the same projects over and over again
• Happy unicorn projects!

My Bio Text:

Im -EnchantedAnimallover- on hopscotch. Dis is me. I lob food. food is bae. XD
I lob to dwaw and do science. My best bae and smol child is EnchantedHopscotcherp derp. XD I also lob undewtale. I drew mah profile pic. I lob it.
Anyways...I lob food. (back to food again?!) XD
Frens FOEVAH peeps:
@Me XD
@Other Frens.....
My favorite color is any type of blue besides indigo
My favorite fruit is mango
My favorite animal is....CATS!!!! Here's the sad part, I don't have any pets ;-;
I am a very active girl and is aiming for a feature and to land a front handspring 2 times in a row. I also want to land a ice skating spin (it's on a very high level ;-;
I lob u guys :D
;-; :D > - < :P :3 .3. ;-; :D > - < :P :3 .3. ;-; :D >_< :P :3 .3.

you know wut this is..



Happy 100 days! :smiley:


lol it's 101th


Anyways I gotta sleep at 10:00 (I know so early! My mom and dad made me and my sisters sleep earlier now) . I will give out the requests in the afternoon tomorrow.


Happy 101th day! :D




Yeah I missed my 100th too. XD

I'm pretty sure...

Yeah I noticed my 104th day. XD

Happy 101 day!!!!


Mai bedtime is 7pm, < sigh >


Aw, thanks for calling me ur fren forevah! :D

And congrats!!!!!!!!! :D


Happy 101th day! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Happy 101th day!
I missed my 200th day, and my 100th.
Oh well! :D


I guess I can change my profile pic to me with a birthday hat on (drawing), but I'm constantly changing it. XD


Congrats! It'll be your 200th before you even know it!


congrats fren :D

and don't worry i missed 100, 200 and 300 it's hard to remember XD


Mine's 8:00, so don't fret​:flushed: