Oh, Potatoes! How not to offend people when exclaiming!



Hey guys! Mushroom giraffe here (what). Today we are gonna learn how to say
Oh, crud!
Oh, boy!
Oh, dear!
Oh, God!
Oh, Jeez!
Oh, Lord!
And all those other offensive things in a non-offensive way! Not all of those are offensive, I know.

Just say...
Why say Oh, Potatoes? Well, here's why.

  • It's silly
  • It offends no one
  • Potatoes are involved. You can't say no to potatoes, man.

Oh, potatoes. I have to go!

Not really. Just kidding.

Oh, turnips
Oh, muffins
Oh, mailboxes
Oh, what is life
Oh, poop
Oh, shaving cream

Or anything else random!


Nice topic! :smile:

I like to say "oh my smiles!" occasionally! :stuck_out_tongue:


I say no to potatoes! XD

I say Oh my aparugus potatoes!


Lol :joy::joy:


I really, like potatoes.. ;-;



Those who dislike potatoes are not human, but reptilians who have come to destroy us all.


oh, dust!
i hate dust!
i dont want it building up in my home!
soon ill have an army of dust bunnies plotting to take over my floweys!


Seems legit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh snap!
Snapping fingers are fun
I snap with my ring finger, other people snap with their middle finger.


Awesome topic!!!!! I like to say oh my gumdrops as well!


no. i don't like potatoes. and i dont believe in aliens GOING TO EARTH.


What if someone is allergic to potatoes


Oh, Mrs. Potato head

u see what i did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
u see it


off topic to @UndertaleTacoz

Hoi, we haven't talked in a while! Are you still sick????


"Oh Turtles!" will work for me!


I'll start saying "Oh, sweet potatoes!" XD


As a narwhal potato warrior, I would like to say that it burns my heart and makes my eyes tear up (not really) when, when there are no narwhals included.

Eh. My nickname is Red Potato at school, so...

What the potatoes! I guess it's fine.

I liek dis topic...


Or "Oh, Donald Trump..."


And that's my friend's name. I just hope no one says baked potatoes.... That's my other friend's nickname.

Oh my potatoes! What's going on here?!

Self note: BOT


Oh baked potatoes