Oh, no! help! liar!



Okay, guys, so @PercyJackson9 said that I cussed on the Hopscotchers4ever account, but I didn't!!! Please believe me!!!


I believe you it was someone else.


Woah woah, I am so so so so so sorry, I do not mean that, the hacker did

1000000000000000000000000 apoligies


Yes the hacker was using curse words


Please delete that now! I don't want everybody seeing that. :wink:




Please delete that, or do something.


And... How did that get past the filter?


Um. Could you blur the word or something??


What's the username and password it logged me out and when I put the username and password it says I'm wrong


Oh my gosh please remove that from the forum! People these days of course not everyone on the forum and a lot in real life but just bullys!


@PercyJackson9 get rid of that please otherwise I will have to flag it...


Nobody knows


You don't need to share that!


I can't find the account...did he change his name?


Sorry :disappointed:
(filling space)


It's fine you did not know! It's my job to teach!


Please stop! The forum is for everyone and that is for +17!


What? I wish that @00ps13 would stop


The s thing! The inapropriet thing!