Oh my gosh I'm so excited!



I was looking on trending just wandering around just then and I saw AwesomeWolf18(old) (that's my old account) but anyway I looked at the project and it was MINE this is my first time getting on trending OMG! :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::smiley:🤗


I exactly know what it feels like. Good job on your first trending! P.s my first trending was a draw a face challenge with almost 20 likes!


Congrats It always feels nice to get on trending, my first trending was a contest entry of a taco cat XD


I saw it earlier today. Congratulations! But to let you know, all of everyone's projects are on Trending as long as they have a play or like. They're just super-far down :wink:.


I dont like to scroll far down makes hopscotch crash. It was near the top. Also i saw @PopTart0219 project and went to my drafts page then looked at my projects and said to myself "well i have a lot of likes and ALOT of plays" while thinking about what @Kiwicute2016 said about being on trending and i looked back and KAZAMM it was there. My dream had come true.


Well alot of plays to me...


Yay! Good job! It's awesome to have that feeling!


Good job! ( I have never been fetured or trending my friend has it was just Easy tilting I am proud of them though!!)


Ikr! The first time I got into featured (a year ago, but whatever) my heart exploded and I was thrown to the wall, went through it and landed on Mars. On Mars, I survived on artificially packaged rubber bands, and 3 polyurethaned nail clippers. It was there that I met a rotten sock, and he flew back home with me.


Srly you have been on featured recently too.


Yes, but the first time is the best for everyone!


Really is


Was your first feature good? What was it?


@Follow4LikesOfficial the first time I went on featured I blew out of my seat landed in the ocean and I saw the golden magikarp. Then I met kyogre and I have a souvenir from the local gift shop.


Thats gonna reveal my WHOLE identity


I know, that's the point!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyway, I agree that the first feature is the best. "Gilbert Illusion" was my first feature.


I don't even remember my first feature, sadly, but each time I'm Featured, it never seems to be my best project :laughing:.


I haven't been on featured yet, but I'm working on a secret game, so I might have a chance XD


Sorry to ruin your eyes but this is sadly my first feature and possibly only


I think coding more might increase my chance of getting noticed a bit more