Oh my goodness! I'm finally taking requests!


You guys are never going to believe this...I am taking really cool requests on absolutely ANYTHING!


Hey can you make a creative picture so I could have it as my background instead of fireworks? Thanks :wink:


Do you mean like a smooth background?i do smooth backgrounds when I'm bored or get a request.


That works too :wink:


I'm sorry to say but that sounds very confusing.


I'll get right to work




How about something a tiny bit more simple to understand?


Ok...a....Praying Mantis, tiny bit more simple :wink:


Sry it's taking so long! I have a bunch of other requests on the real game!


Hey cinder! Just a reminder, please don't share your password again! I think there was news that you were going to leave hopscotch or something, and it was probably a hacker. Remember not to share your password! :slightly_smiling: