Oh my goodness... I think i know magmaPOP



I think I know magmaPOP...
In real life
I cant ask him though, or he will tell me no because he wants to keep it secret...




do you live in the swedish area ish


How do u think u know this


I'm sorry but if you have no evidence of this I can't believe you.

You can ask him.

Im pretty sure your making an excuse like all my classmates do.


Try to search before you post; duplicate topics can get out of hand!


Also no, how do you no MagmaPop wants to keep it identity secret towards a irl person like you?! We wouldn't and exactly that's why your lying


Get Liza to demote you.

No ones supposed to be leader but staff


He talks and makes projects and thinks like my best friend. My friend also doesnt play hopscotch after magmaPOP shows a project called bye for a while
And why would the sweedish area matter?


But its magmapop.....


I think it should have its own topic



stay quiet


Everyone in favor say aye.
Everyone says aye in unison


Can we please stay on topic? Please?


Kk I am emailing Liza to tell all these accounts xD


But show proof.

I mean it's hard to believe right now.


So... You're saying that even though we have topics that are chock-full of MagmaPOP, t1, and etc. sightings, we should let this one go just because it's recent?

Sorry, not catching you there.
I hope I'm not sounding rude, but let's at least try and maintain order after an event like what just happened.


no no no

u do not do that

or else



Why are you having my account xd?



You can't suspend me xD


Proof?! Do you have any proof?!

Plus your statement is very vague and you could I least you know..

Tell us his general area (etc, state, country)

We could probably can get enough proof if you do know.

The mods know a general area of Hsers and knows MP's general area too