Oh my......Bye.....For Now



Okay I'm leaving the forum and hopscotch for a day.... i was working on this pixel art and i though i had it as a draft and it wasn't... and i just finished and i was working on it for 8 hours... and i pressed the X and well... wasn't in my drafts so...... bye for now..

And my dads mad at me for working on it all day and now i have 0 proof i was doing something educational and got my ipad taken away. I'm only leaving because i'm extremely mad and i don't want to cause and trouble on the forum.


i am sorry to hear that :sweat:


@Liza, is there any way for you to recover this draft?
EDIT: Never mind, apparently it wasn't a draft. :frowning:


Maybe it's stuck at the bottom. My dad gets mad at me all the time, don't worry.


Well it wasn't a draft in the first place, i took a pixel art i already did so i could use the same abilities and stuff.. but when i thought it was a draft but it wasn't.... so i pressed the X and it was gone.. i don't think their is any trace of it on hopscotch :confused:


Tell him!! :yum:


I tried RawryBeawy but hes mad...


Can you calm him down somehow? Give him a glass of water! :slight_smile:


Nope. Hes Watching March Madness so everythings out


Oh my gosh, that must be awful. I hate that feeling when you loose something you spent actual hours on!


I'm super sorry! I had something similar to this, but nothing really happened. I just redid it. I'm really sorry to hear this! :frowning:


Don't worrys we've all had that moment... For me it's been too many times...


That stinks! Maybe you could still redo it though


Oh no! This is super frustrating :frowning:

Were you editing a published project? And did the modal come up that asked if you wanted to save / close / publish?

I'm trying to understand if there was a bug with Hopscotch or if we need to make the messages clearer :slight_smile:


You could say:
Nothing, play more projects!
(Will erase all changes to this project)


@Liza, I was editing a published project but It acted like it was in my drafts and when I left it. The normal message didn't come up.