Oh hopscotch, do you take suggestions?


@liza @Rodrigo @Thomas @PleaseSayMore

It seems you never take suggestions! Do you?
Just wondering


Maybe they would! :3


I hope I get a staff members attention to know!


I think they do :D

When I was at HQ I asked some questions, game suggestions, feedback, etc, and they gave me an email because they used some stuff I said in the update :)

I think they do suggestions :D why not :D
It can't hurt, only help!

Maybe they do but they just don't tell you!


But then they might be flooded with hate comments about updates and subscriptions. ;n;


Well you kinda just talked to them directly!

But thats cool!


Yeah, I'm a Beta Tester, and when they emailed me with the link to the new Beta, they said that they had used some of my suggestions!


I don't think it matters if I talk to them directly or not, Atleast I don't think it should! :D

Maybe they just don't tell anyone but they are really taking your advice and using it! :D


My suggestion is to add music.
I just cant with midi's.

but yea..... But who cares thats a risk you have to take


I also mean on the fourm.

Not like emails.


Yeah, but I think they should take advice from the forum and from emails, and in person conversation!

After all they do make feedback topics for updates and betas and stuff :D


I am a beta tester, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
but not everyone is.


Music, oh music. Besides design, music is one of my biggest. Adding music (or a better sounds engine at least) is one of the things that I wish we could add the most to Hopscotch. Unfortunately, we're a very small team and we're working hard on improving one thing at a time.

So, I hope we can add music very soon. :slight_smile:




You can email them. @Rodrigo can tell you more :wink:



Thanks for replying!

you dont have to answer, but ever since the subscription do you think its helping you out more and you can hire more people? (soon)


As you said, I don't have to answer and, in fact, I can't answer that question.



Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience


Yes, just shoot them an email at help@gethopscotch.com! If you really like to give feedback, become a beta tester!