Oh flying fox, please help me (bug)


So I opened an project which I had a lot of work on

At first it was just not showing some of the objects when you hit play.

After I restarted it a couple times to try to fix this, (exiting the project and opening it again) it deleted all of the code. ALL of it. The objects were still there, but they had no code. Now I will remind you this project is very old, but it still shouldn’t do that. I spent hours on this project back when I was working on it. I do have a published demo, but there was a lot more stuff on the version I opened. For fox sake, please help me


First, email the Hopscotch team. They may be able to help and they respond quickest through email.
If you want to try troubleshooting on your own in the meantime, I’d suggest trying to make a duplicate of the project, publishing/unpublishing it, or trying to play it in the webplayer after publishing it.
If these don’t work, and the Hopscotch Team doesn’t respond back yet, try writing down what you remember being in your code. Since the code should be fresh in your mind, and if worst comes to worst, you can remember what to recode.


About the last part I coded the project like a year ago


This helps when I have bugs with old projects in drafts


I… Don’t really wanna right a whole email…

How about you right it for me and I copy and paste it like the lazybones I am?


I need to get back to schoolwork :frowning: Just send what you wrote above for your topic and add your username and what device you use.


Were you able to email the Hopscotch team or do you still need help?


This is sad! I hope that you can get your project data back. Like @Jedi4Jesus said, you should email THT because that is probably the best solution right now. Their email is help@gethopscotch.com, if you didn’t already know that.


I emailed them. I’m gonna have to wait until Tuesday because there on a break for memorials day apparently


Okay. You can’t unfortunately do much until they respond.