Offload work to bots

Something that would really help a lot is to have some sort of automated process to help clean up the forum and archive topics that aren’t active anymore (@system wants some work!). I, unfortunately, do not have an idea of how this increases the pricing of the forum in short-term, but I feel like this could help out, provided we use this to our advantage.

Leaders’ primary objective is to be role models for the community and to inspire people to really work hard on, in this case, their coding/HS projects. Without any cleaning to do, they can spend more time doing this.

I have no idea where Hopscotch is right now compared to before, so I can’t really make any comments there, but I think we could use a massive rise in new people, and we can start here.


This should go into the GDT btw


This is a suggestion for the forum.


Yes but rules have changed, a lot


I’m afraid about this idea being completely ignored with all the other stuff around in there


Not really actually.

One of our main goals is to clean up the forum


You don’t have to worry about it being ignored.
People may not reply but it doesn’t mean they didn’t see it

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This is what I feel it should really be


I will be sort of honest right now and say that this is true, but it doesn’t mean they will think about it.


The idea is good but it won’t be possible prob.
Many useful topics could get wrongfully clived.

We have a system, and I think it’s workin just fine

There are ways to speed up the process, yes, and they’re being used.

There’s a lot goin on behind the scenes that you don’t see tho, and that’s also important to keep in mind


Making a topic doesn’t increase the likelihood of it actually being thought about y’know


A few things, don’t take it as harsh criticism:

  1. Generally, they are old topics. In the case that it’s important, you can just re-open it.
  2. It would help for us to know what’s actually going on on the leaders’ side of cliving.
  3. There are still a couple of problems regarding cluttering recent activity in not-Deprecated categories still.
  4. (regarding next post) That is true, but it’s easier to find a topic in case you were reconsidering

Also, I’m looking around this category, and this seems to fit here.


Again, the rules changed, a lot


Since the last few topics? Seems a bit unlikely



I have an idea of where you’re coming from but I think we’re both missing each others points a bit.

For now, I’ll just say this:
We’re all human – none of us is perfect. We’re doing our best. Yes, there is stuff that’s can be improved but we’ve done a lot, and what we’re doing been working.

I have to go right now, but gimme 5-10 mins when’s I get back and I’ll have a long reply ready for you.

Sound good?


Everyone else:
Please stop argueing about the category etc.
Yes, it can go in the GDT.

I’m gonna talk this out with y’all and then clivecate once this has been solved or a compromise has been found. Sound good?


In the meantime, people, don’t go off-task. Just thoughts on this idea and modifications to this idea. Otherwise, I will ask this to be merged with GDT


Alright we’re good.

I see you havent been here since Feb 3rd, with the exception of today and a lil bit of yesterday. And you said it yourself, you don’t really know where hs is at.
A lot has changed since then, leaders obviously being one of them. I’ll debrief you, because I think that’ll help here.

One major change is the lounge. I can see that you’re reg, so go take a look at it. 5 topics in the lounge – that’s it. Just 5.
You probably remember how much of a trash dump that was. At least 9-10 thousand trash topics. We cleaned that up within a couple weeks 2-3 weeks, a month max).
A lot of this was done manually, and for the remaining 5-6k topics left, Ana selected the whole category and clivecated it. Then I moved back the useful topics. This was one of the biggest things we’ve done so far I think, and using similar methods, we’re cleaning the rest of the forum too.

We can’t do it in the exact same way, but that’s still more efficient than having bots, which might basically just get to he point of being spam accs.
Ana can do thinto the rest of the categories too, but most of them have useful topics and information. The amount of effort taken to fix this and manually clivecate would probably be the same, and I really don’t think that it’s worth it in the end.

You believe that our primary purpose is to be role models, and for the most part I do agree. That’s what the community sees us as, and we do do our best to be what’s expected of us.
But at the same time, there’s a lot of background stuff we focus on. We do conflict resolutions and help people - we have whole lead projects like Camp Courtesy dedicated to this.
That’s what the community sees our primary purpose as, yes.

But it does change depending on what perspective you see it from. We have many goals and purposes, cleaning up the forum being one, and being role models and helping with code and whatnot being another. For the most part, we are here to help THT. We do what they wish when they want it. There was a period when some of our main focuses were enforcing rules like no CoF and whatnot because that’s what was needed from us at that time. There was also that lounge cleaning phase.
So really it depends, but if youve seen us consistently, one thing that never falters is us helping people. We’re helping THT always by doing this, we consistently help the community, we help THT with contests like the summer comp etc, and we always help with code help and I’d like to believe we inspire. This covers all of your points and more, and it’s what’s we do. It’s been working, and while we’ve had a lot to do, we juggle it and get everything done.

Since March, we’ve massively cleaned is place up , made it safer and more friendly, had massive lead projects to work with and benefit the community and have helped THT out with app stuff like the new categories (yes we did help a bit with those) all while fulfilling our roles as members of this community, and whatever else we may be (friends, peers, role models etc). And it’s been working.
I think our system is fine, and while it may be flawed , I stand by the statement that it’s fine. While bots may be able to do some of the work we do faster and more efficiently, they do have their downsides and it doesn’t mean that they’re better or even necessary.

There are problems, yes. There are always problems. That’s part of being human. And eventually, boys and all other automated systems are created by humans, meaning that they have flaws too. Flaws, imperfection, that can lead to complications and problems. Whether it be a human or bot cleaning up, there will still be problems – it’s inevitable. Why change a flawed system that works to an untested and equally flawed system?
I’d say cuz it’s going so slow. Would I be correct?

More often than not, patience yields the best results. So have patience, and maybe some faith in us.


I think it’s pretty unfortunate that Leaders are sort of just tasked with doing this. You people show other great traits that don’t really bode well with such a task. This is what I’m coming from.

Some people may remember this, and @FearlessPhoenix, you may too, but there used to be Leaders here, even before this whole clive thing. They were here because they played a major part in this community and were really great people to talk with. They showed us what it’s like to be a Hopscotcher and this generated a really cool time. Compound this with great, new updates to the game, and we have what I call the Golden Age of Hopscotch (I will admit, this Golden Age and the time when we had a good amount of leaders simply overlap, I would say the Golden Age started prior to that, but Leaders did definitely play its role during this time).

It’s disappointing that now we have to have people cleaning up after this great time. People are not to serve those who came before. They are here to do things that will benefit themselves and others.

I do have to see what goes on behind the scenes in order to get a full picture, but I will say that this system is sort of inefficient. We want to be efficient, so we can spend more time doing stuff that really matters to us, like improving the state of Hopscotch.

As I’ve said before, I want there to be an explosion of activity in Hopscotch again. I’d like to see it make a comeback and inspire lots of kids to pursue programming, art, etc. It certainly made an impact on mine’s.

But, to do this, we go back to the discussion of efficiency. I know you guys probably still have lots of time to converse with the community, but I think without having to do any cleaning, you guys are free to be leaders. And, with this, maybe we can see some conversation about the app itself and how to make it amazing and appealing to more and more people. This is what I’m hoping for. Although, once again, my lack of knowledge about the state of Hopscotch leaves me to only make speculations agout this. But, in the case that Hopscotch is still very popular, I think there is still room to make it expand even more (although from what I’ve seen here, there are less active people around on the forum, with active meaning “talking and socializing”).

But that’s about the game. What about the forum, you ask? We can apply that here. With more time, we can possibly see some improvements to maybe invite more people here to the great community. This community has grown less and less toxic over time, but that’s I think in part to a shrinking size. That’s a problem. Sometimes, we just have to face toxic people, and that’s what we can do that is more productive and more helpful, because honestly, while I do acknowledge that this clivecation (I like using clive better than clivecate, though lol) probably reduces clutter on the server and maybe (but less likely) make it easier for people to focus on newer topics, this seems relatively unimportant compared to other things that would boost HS.

Here is my section dedicated to replying to that.

That’s actually pretty great that you guys are helping out the community in those ways and so maybe I was wrong in this regard, although I will say that, from what you’ve said, the THT has kept a lot of the discussion about improvements to themselves and put the task to you guys to help and notify others about them. If this is wrong, I think maybe we could have a bit more community (which means you leaders( influence still.

My idea of using bots would work like this:

  1. Automatically close and archive topics that have had no activity for some agreed upon time.
  2. You guys can manually put back any topics that are good to have open.

My reason for this working is that a lot of these topics are actually inactive, I would say a lot more than half. This means that it still is better than having to check all of them for relevance and having this only be the case for less than half of them. In this regard, I think the bot system would actually be better.

And, if it isn’t better, you guys can switch back, obviously. Experimentation isn’t always perfect. But I think we need risks and experiments so that we can better ourselves.

One more thing I do ask from you, though, is sort of an overview of Hopscotch today. I’m not sure if you can PM me about this, but if you can, this would be great.