Offline for a couple hours


So aperently I'm sick. Its just a small fever, but it's sort of bad that you can literally see that I have a fever in my ears because of how red they are! So don't worry, it's not very bad, I'll be on in the afternoon tomorrow! So I'm not gonna be on, but just until around 12:00 am EST. Have fun while I'm gone! Bye!


I dunno if that photo is okay but feel better soon!


Should I crop it more? :slight_smile:


I think

Zactly what he said

Tell me if you don't get it XD


I understand eggzactly


It's preferrable to just describe your ear but I guess it could be fine but maybe crop it so it's focused more on the ear or just remove the photo.


The egg reminds me of Element Animations lel
But yes I get what you're saying


Ok, I removed the photo! Anyway, bye till 12:00 or 1:00 EST


I can still see the photo, huh
Ok it's gone now


Refresh now I fixed it


Anyways, I should leave now. I'm getting back on at 12:00 to 1:00 eastern standard time! Bye everyone


Sorry about that @zachyswag! Hopefully it will get better soon :slight_smile:


Same here, hope u get better soon!


Hope you get better real soon @Zachyswag!


Hope you get better!


Get well soon @Zachyswag!

I got that pun eggzachly @Zachyswag :stuck_out_tongue:



@staff @BuildASnowman @Intellection74 anyone that is an admin, I'm back online, so please close this topic! Thanks! :slight_smile:


How about @PopTart0219?