Officially Gone Forever


Okay hi guys I am back for a little bit today! But after a little bit of thinking, I am lea.ving forever. I am already losing that "hopscotch latch" and its only been about 3 days. So, to be clear, by lea.ving forever, I mean not being a user at all. And I am not coming back next summer. Sorry guys, I know its sad, but true. Its official and I'm not changing my mind. Sorreee.




I am sorry, but I have to. 6th grade is hectic, and I finally got a life.


The XD kinda spoiled it -_-

QUEENIE!!!! Don't leave uns plez!


K, if you really need or wants to leave, bye... :expressionless: :confused: ;-;


No! Donut leave! ;n; TToTT


I have to. I am so sorry.



I promis I will never forget hopscotch.


Can you just reduce your activity without leaving?

What was it like before you had a life? xD


Hopscotch will Neva forget you.


Me too

  1. No I cant unfortunately
  2. It was literally hopscotch and sleeping and watching tv


Omg it is so hard!!!!



You still had a life then.


Luckily I'm only in 4th Grade RN


Not hard fir me
But dis school term is quite depressing


I cant. Its not possible


You'll never be able to again? Why not?


Fourth grade was the best!! I miss eleme.ntary school!!