OfficialHopscotchRemixer's Decode Topic!


This is the current version of the game:

With the bugs I just mentioned gone…


I am going to fix up the unlimited health glitch where you can have unlimited hamburgers and never die…


oh ok :

if u need anymore help tell me plz


Your hamburgers don’t go away anyways when you tap them. What do you mean by glitch?


The hamburgers don’t go away that is what I mean by glitch…I fixed a problem but I think I created another one where the chest keeps respawning…
@Hermione @sophia71205


soz i can’t help u 4 that i have no idea… :8


Ok thanks anyways…I don’t want to tag my tag list again because then I would feel like I would be tagging them to much… @NindroidGames you helped me before can you help me now?



Is this a version with fixed bugs?


I fixed the chest from respawning after you use a hamburger, but the hamburger will disappear when tapped.


Yay! That was the one big thing that I wanted to fix…


I want to go to bed in a few minutes but if you have anything you want to tell me you can do it now…


I really like the latest version. I would have never put the time into that game to make all the variables and stuff. You worked very hard, and it shows.


TYSM! You are too kind to me! You make me feel like I actually worked on this project…unlike my other features that I didn’t spend nearly as long on because of procrastination…:neutral_face:


Ok bye going to bed now…:sleeping:




That is awesome!!


@sophia71205 @NindroidGames

Help with debugging…this is a new version I just posted.



What do you need help with? I’ll help you in an hour or so.


I mean like in general is there anything wrong with the game that I should fix? Or any new features to the game?