OfficialHopscotchRemixer's Decode Topic!


Yay new version with the jumping mechanic and the X and Y Posistion for the fireballs fixed!


Ok as @sophia71205 said in my Topic c I need to find a way to make the fireball(the projectile) fire where the gorilla is when jumping. So I need some help @William04GamerA and @WynterDiamond


Also improving the store on the first level would be nice…


I’ve already showed you how to make bird al fly all around. For the fireball, have you tried,

When ⬆️ is tapped
 Set x to Gorilla x position, set y to Gorilla y position
 Change x 200

Well, you still have to have the check if else and possibly a few variables, but that’s the basics.


Yeah thanks the reason the bird AI isn’t working is because I didn’t remix your project I continued on mine. I will make sure to fix the fireball position problem.


Sounds great! I will definitely nominate this for featured.


I posted it!

@POMTL hope you like it!
@TheCoders tell me further improvements I can make.


ok I am gonna play later
my iPad is walking out of charge :P


Ok thanks… @sophia71205 what do you think?


Very good, but it starts with $10. That only seems to happen when you have the code for Bird Al. I have the code for the fireball mostly fixed. Let me go try a few more things then I will remix.


It probably has something to do with the Bird AI increasing the amount of money you have at the beginning. Check that…


I fixed that. Now, the rectangle won’t show up after you defeat Bird Al. Here’s what I have rn:


I love that! Are you going to add any more thingys to the last 2 places like a boss battle or I don’t know


Thanks Summarian (sorry for the typo before)Studios!


Your welcome and it’s Summarian


Whoops auto correct!


I have notices a few bugs @TheCoders with the Gorilla RPG.
1.The hamburger inventory has gotten messed up since the second chest was added after you defeat the bird.
2.The amount of money you have decreases if you switch rooms…


I think I fixed it.

Actually this is helping me improve my coding.


:o I wonder why…
Maybe at the end of one room u need a variable such as make BLAH BLAH BLAH a BLAH

wait ,

can i experiment w it later?

edit: nvm


@sophia71205 just fixed the problem I think let me check it out for myself…