OfficialHopscotchRemixer's Decode Topic!


This is something new that I am trying…one topic for all my debugging! I will post stuff for people to debug here!

Currently debugging:

Need help with:
Possible Game Over Screen
More Levels
More Damage Upgrade



Ok, can somebody help me make a bird AI on room 3? I will tell you what all the variables do and stuff if you want to help.


Let me go look at it first.


You are the only person I can talk to without the other person starting a flame war
(Cough, cough)


Okay, how should this game work?


Well, I am going to be honest…you are not really debugging here…you are just helping me make Code for the bird AI on the third level. If you find any other glitches though tell me…


So how should the game work? What variables will change? Do you want Bird Al to fight back?


So, I want the Bird to move in all directions and it’s only attack is touching the gorilla which damages the gorilla. An example of some code would be for the alligator AI. The code for the Bird AI though has to be more complex becasue it has to move up and down…


Another thing, you don’t need the custom iPad variables for the x and y’s


Yes, I know…I was nooby when I first madsaw this and I had just learned how to use variables but not yet objects.



Are you supposed to start with $10? I made the Bird Al code and variables, but not the hamburger or the hearts to represent the lives.


Do you need help with anything else?


I could help you if you want to get help with anything!


Yeah let me check out the bird AI! Thanks for the help @sophia71205 and @WynterDiamond and @William04GamerA I will still probably need help.


Ok, I need some advice on how to make a jumping mechanic for the gorilla…


Huh? You mean a button to make him jump? I will try to help tomorrow.


Yes, I know how to make the button but I want to know a good way so he can jump and move in mid-air.


Just have a decent length wait block in between your two change y blocks.


This is probably the right solution to your problem :slight_smile:


Ok thanks I will try that…