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If I want someone to test a game, I will ask here.
A new game coming soon...


That's great! :smiley:

When's the new game coming?


Pretty soon... I can't tell anything...


FYI I joined the coders group! Also can't wait to see the project!


Well, actually, I have an old game that I want to improve:

Some Notes:
This game is almost finished in my opinion but I want some opinions!
Should I use variables or random values for the angles that he Ball bounces off of?
Should I add more graphic?
Should I add better physics?
Any changes to angle values or positions?
Should I figure out a way so two people can move both platforms at the same time but in different ways?
Please give me your opinion on these questions and then put your personal opinion on the game afterwards!
Game Criteria Ratings(5 Best-1Worst)
Creativity 1-5
Realisticness(Physics) 1-5
Graphic 1-5
Controls 1-5


@laser_eyed_puppy I didn't know you were necessarily a fan of my stuff...thank you so much!:sweat_smile:


Well I have pretty much replaced this with my decode topic which is 10x better and actually active!

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