[Official] Tagging Service Tag List



Alright, so here's the problem. Whenever some asks for a... "OMTL Delivery"... everybody complains because that person uses an old version, or it's a useless thing to deliver to, or, etc. etc. etc. So! Now I'm making a new tag list for that reason! I will use the OMTL one time, and if you don't want your name to be tagged whenever someone uses the "tagging service", either edit your name out of it, or say that you don't want it and I will remove your name for you.


  • This is not the official mass tag list. Do not use it as such.

  • This tag list is for "Tag List Delivery" people. Again, look above.

  • Do not mess with the tags unless you are adding or removing your name. It's just really annoying to go back after someone complains about them being on or off the OMDTL.

  • Always use the current version People will leave or take their name off of the list. Please always use the current version so we don't have to deal with people getting angry.

If you have any other rules, please edit and add them here.

Sorry, haven't added global edit yet. Wait a few more days until I'm regular!


@Milkypup lol


Hello there how are you


Uhm... good...? This isn't the time or place for this tho. Go to my general topic to chat.




Oh I am so sorry and cool




Hi. Please add me to this. I want to be added to this. I don't have regular yet


Do you want to be tagged, or do you NOT want to be tagged?


What? If you don't have global edit, how can there be 97 tags and just 8 replies? :sweat_smile:


Can I join? I was gonna actually make a topic like this but you beat me.


Hi, I don't want to be tagged when an OMTL is delivered, :grimacing: would you mind removing me?


Can you add meh to this?


You've been removed.


I changed the tag list on this topic to the most recent one I could find (late April this year). Everyone, use this list in the meantime until someone makes a new topic (or we could just use this one).


@Petrichor ^^^^^