Official Summer Contest Results 2017



Summer Contest Winners

Hi everyone! We have finally chosen the winners of the Summer Contest! All the entries were awesome, and we would like to thank everyone for participating in this competition.

The top five projects (no specific order, scores are rounded off):

Camping trip - @Petrichor:

  • Originality/Creativity: 24.46/25
  • Design/graphics: 28.5/30
  • Playability (lag and overall layout) : 17.29/20
  • Effort of code: 24.64/25

Total: 94.71/100

Comments: I really enjoyed playing your game, because I like camping myself. I also enjoyed the creativity that you put into this. This looks completely original and the layout of the whole game is surprisingly really good. -HopscotchRemixer
Your project is really amazing and I enjoyed playing it. I like the different “levels” of your hunger, energy and more. I also like the rest of the game, and the start when you buy supplies is a really good start. Amazing job! -William04GamerA

Park Simulator! - @DMF:

  • Originality/Creativity: 23.75/25
  • Design/graphics: 28/30
  • Playability (lag and overall layout) : 17/20
  • Effort of code: 23.75/25

Total: 92.5/100

Comments: I thought that your game was very fun and interesting, and the coding was advanced. The graphics were quite beautiful as well, I love the little hedgehog! The gameplay was intuitive, but it can seem a bit repetitive or slow at times. I like the idea of having achievements available in the game, as they gave another layer of depth to it. Finally, I felt that the overall feel of the game was very summery and bright. -WynterDiamond
An awesome idea and beautiful graphics, this game is really worth playing. Although the loading/tutorial takes quite a bit of time, I really liked playing this! -CreationsOfANoob

Hoop Shoot - @MR.GAM3R

  • Originality/Creativity: 25/25
  • Design/graphics: 29.4/30
  • Playability (lag and overall layout) : 18/20
  • Effort of code: 24.75/25

Total: 97.15/100

Comments: Making such a detailed and amazing game is really hard and this project literally mind-blowed me as soon as I opened it. The animations, the title screen and the 8-bit-style of your project is really cool. The tutorial is super great and the real game is simple but challenging and cool, with good customizing options. This is definitely one of the coolest Hopscotch games that I have ever seen! -William04GamerA
In terms of gameplay and design this game is definitely one of the best. You organized the main menu nicely and I like the creativity you put into this game. This is one of my favorites of the contest. -HopscotchRemixer

Ice Cream - @CreativeCoder:

  • Originality/Creativity: 24.46/25
  • Design/graphics: 28.5/30
  • Playability (lag and overall layout) : 17.29/20
  • Effort of code: 24.64/25

Total: 94.89/100

Comments: This trail art is just awesome. Watching the whole trail art being drawn just makes me appreciate the work behind it even more! -CreationsOfANoob
This is such a great pusheen trail art! It actually looks like Pusheen which is absolutely amazing! I feel like you spent a lot of time getting everything correct…even the border of Pusheen looks the right color! -HopscotchRemixer

Autumn Scenery! - @PIANOMAN:

  • Originality/Creativity: 24.25/25
  • Design/graphics: 28.2/30
  • Playability (lag and overall layout) : 15.4/20
  • Effort of code: 21.25/25

Total: 89.1/100

Comments: I really enjoy the colors in your trail art…I almost feel like it is a different “type” of trail art that I have never seen before. I like the Fall theme to it too. The over-all color palette is nice too. -HopscotchRemixer
The colors in the trail art look amazing, and together it looks just like an autumn day. The trail art is fantastic, and it looks a bit different than normal trail art (which might not give such an effect). Overall, the colors blended perfectly and it looks amazing. -Gobli09

Top five:

  1. @MR.GAM3R
  2. @CreativeCoder
  3. @Petrichor
  4. @DMF


@MR.GAM3R, your prizes are:
• A custom forum title
• Featured Nomination DONE
• Request a project from Creations Of a Noob
• Spam Likes from HopscotchRemixer
• Either an art Pad, pixel art, or trail art Request from Hopscotch Remixer
• A hopscotch story from Silverdolphin
• A backdrop from WynterDiamond

@CreativeCoder, your prizes are:
• A custom forum title
• Featured Nomination DONE
• Spam Like From HopscotchRemixer
• 10 Color Art Pad DONE
• A logo from WynterDiamond

@Petrichor, your prizes are:
• A custom forum title
• Featured Nomination DONE
• Spam Likes from HopscotchRemixer
• 5 Color Pad Request from HopscotchRemixer

Thanks again to all of you who participated, it was really fun to host this competition!

@POMTL @OMTL @t1_hopscotch @Liza @Rodrigo (pleas pin this)


They are FINALLY out! Congratulations guys! Now, I have to finish reading. I should probably go play some of these.


@SummerContestJudges, lol you are way too kind. There’s no way my project is first, it gets a lot of Womp errors, and the animations are slow. Give first place to someone else who deserves it more. Anyways, thanks so much for choosing my project as first, it means a lot to me. :D

Congratulations to the other winners, @CreativeCoder (you didn’t get a meaningless position!) @Petrichor (you actually made it in the top three) @PIANOMAN and @DMF (you guys’ projects are still awesome!)

Also, I can’t forget to thank @BlastFusion, @crazygoat, @CreationsOfaNoob, FishyWa, @Intellection74, @Petrichor and @ThinBuffalo for helping me make the game whether it’s from a tutorial, giving feedback for just inspiration!


Well @MR.GAM3R what is your request from me? I will spamlike you on Hopscotch too…


The tags didn’t work for this topic @OMTL @POMTL @SummerContestJudges @SummerContestHosts @TheCoders


Thanks so much to the judges, and congratulations to the other winners. I’d write something less dull but I don’t know what else to put. So yeah. Thanks XD


Congratulations to the winners, and everyone else who entered!!! All of the entries were amazing! :D


@CreativeCoder Can I have your 10 color art Pad Request?


I’ll do it in a few minutes, thanks :)


Congrats, everyone!


@Petrichor man you are going to be like what? I wasn’t supposed to win!


I don’t think DMF expected to place so high. Overall, the projects were amazing. @Petrichor 's never loaded for me, but I’m sure it’s amzing too. @PIANOMAN, working hard on the autumn trail art instead of going with a smile winter scene paid off. @DMF, woah, I should have played that game before tonight. @MR.GAM3R, that was so cool. I have always thought your games were deserving of AT LEAST featured,so you definitely deserved first. @CreativeCoder, you are literally a creative coder, and a you are also a very good coder. Congratulations, people! I probably should have made bullets.


Wow, 4 comments were mine because like half the judges were to lazy to even rate the projects…

I also made the judging system(man, I don’t want to sound like bragging especially since @CreationsOfaNoob helped way more with the rubric and @Hermione actually made the contest and @t1_hopscotch organized everything…and everyone(well except for the judges who didn’t vote or comment) did a great job with the comments!)


@DMF @PIANOMAN you still get spamlikes from me even though it doesn’t say in the prizes


@Hermione can I make an “official” Fall contest with your permission/help?


@CreativeCoder are you going to tell me your request?


Sorry, do you have a form?


Just, what colors do you want? (HSB or RGB or just a general color with several shades?)



RGB (251,144,135)
RGB (252,190,125)
RGB (255,234,112)
RGB (220,248,148)
RGB (119,170,219)
RGB (144,113,196)
RGB (0,0,0)
RGB (78,78,78)
RGB (208,208,208)

(it’s basically some pastels, black, dark gray, and light gray)


Ok thanks! I will make it soon!(Could Be days or minutes)