[Official] Summer Contest 2018



It won’t be fun to judge without a theme.


Good point.
Hoth or Scarif. Decisions decisins


Well, it doesn’t have to be, but you’ll get bad marks for theme if you don’t make it summer/winter themed


You can’t enter right now


Yeah you can turn in a project that you have started after June 1st, or you can update it in June if you started it earlier


Do we have any volunteers for being a judge or host for the Official Summer Contest this year?



but then that means I can’t participate.

but still



I think you can although u can’t vote for your own project




Do you want to host or judge?


Judge (like Judy)


I am an amazing judge. If you need proof, I can get you some.


I may judge if I end up unhappy with my project, but most likely I will enter :slight_smile:


You can’t turn in a project until June 27th, which is the start date


Ok if you are a judge or host please put at least one prize per category if possible. If anyone wants to put in a prize that isn’t a judge or host put it under the Prizes from the Community folder.


But could i?


You can turn in your project as late as you possibly can, I was talking to TheAmazingJello about when he can turn in his


Wait, so does that include me?


Ok thanks, I’ll try not june 13 but if I have to then I have to.


Yes because you are a judge