[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


We are done with everything now even the comments we just need Hermione to come on!


Start spam tagging her. Well, don’t, it may get flagged as spam


Me and @Gobli09 did not get a chance to finish ours, but best of luck to everyone who entered :grinning:


Are we planning on making a 2018 Summer Contest @Hermione



I am.

I am going to ask HS if we can.

I have to also ask


How about in 2019 XD

Wait you’re not going to reply


Cool! But then @t1_hopscotch probably would have to make a new PM for the judging. Or maybe we could ask @awesomeonion. He’s on here pretty often.


I am a she @William04GamerA!


Oh! I’m so, so sorry about that @awesomeonion! I must have “mixed” up you with someone else from THT or something… so sorry! Thanks for pointing it out though. Anyways, could you assist in making a PM some time for the judging and planning of this contest even if you wouldn’t have to do it until this summer?