[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


Who I tagged wasn’t necessaryily the winners I was just tagging people who entered…


I know. I am just excited that they are about to be out.


Done yet?


Patience, PIANOMAN, patience. The anticipation is about to kill me too though.


Lol you got me excited when I saw the notification xD


But when will everyone else finish??


Lol I am thinking about doing some extra comments because some people just aren’t doing them


Just two more comments nad then we can post! (Although we are arguing on who should post… currently we are thinking @Hermione will be the one posting although it’s possible that @t1_hopscotch or I could be posting the results…

@MR.GAM3R @sophia71205
(Just for trolls sorry XD actually not really…)


Out of curiosity who’s left to comment?


Only the winners get comments so if I were to tell you some of the comments then that would reveal the winners


Wait so I wasn’t asking to reveal the comments, I was asking if there were particular players left to comment or particular projects left to be commented on


No only the top five got comments…I wasn’t saying what the comments were


Yeah, we need comments for two specific projects.

It’s secret which two though :stuck_out_tongue:


The whole judging process is finished.


@Hermione who do you think should release the results? (As soon as we are finished with the comments)


Is it possible that the results will be out today


Yep! We only need one more comment!


Finallyyyyyyyy can’t wait


Yes. We need one comment, and we’re done!


Aaaaahhhh I can’t wait!!! Hope you’ll get that comment today xD