[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


I just volunteered and kinda took charge of th judging because no one else really volunteered…
@Kikflip The results should be out soon…




Maybe…but doubtful…


Oh so probably sometime this weekend


Yes, I can probably almost guarantee that. I just finished my comments…


I have commented and voted, maybe we should make a list about who that has did this in the voting PM?


Any results? I’m excited and have waited!


I can’t give any clues, but we are done soon.


We recruited all the judges before the competition started.


We just need a few more comments…maybe we will be done today! I will do the math too.
BTW Only the winners will get comments on their projects (Top 5 Projects).


What comments?
Are you almost done ! :DD


Are you commenting and voting on PmS?


Yes it is very secretive…the five winners get two comments on their projects from the judges…


Surprise @SummerContestJudges @SummerContestHosts ! I finished judging
@PIANOMAN @NindroidGames @DMF @sophia71205 @weathercats @MR.GAM3R (and more I forgot)
We just need some comments…


thank you thank you for judging
How do you give us comments


We just wrote 2 comments for each project :D


How do we get them?
How do we know we got them


are the results out yet


Well, we are so close to be completely done with the results :smiley:
The comments will be given to the top five projects (I think so at least), and the judges describe what they think about a project that they have choosed to comment on. Two judges comment on every project.


YAY!!! Now, I can quit asking Gobli-bot