[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


yes :smiley:
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Hi! Since I am a judge, I have not made a project for this :slight_smile:


Yaya I hope I place!


@SummerContestJudges I put some of the projects+the polls in the judging PM. Please vote on them!


I voted for some of them, I’ll vote for the others later.


Can you give me the link again?


it’s on the PM but lets see if i can fetch it


@SummerContestJudges just curious, how is the judging going?


Well…it might take a few more days some people haven’t judged yet…


Not extremely good, but I expect it to be done in 1-2 days.


Not well, but we seem to already have our winners


I lost I guess… I mean I can’t wait for the results xD


Oh, @Hermione, I saw your like so you’re on… I may be annoying but when will we get the results? :slight_smile:


Eh. If you lose I lose.

Your one is better than mine.


I’m waiting for you to be told you got first.


No, I think your one of the winners
your project is probably one of my favorites :)


See? Someone agrees with me.


We have the winners but we need some judges to comment on the winning projects…,


I am on that now :wink:


Is there a judging topic but only the judges can see it?