[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


Fifth isn’t bad at all! You got an honourable mention :D


Yeah, I know, I’m glad I got the score I did. I really loved the judges’ notes.


Your project is great and all but it crashes if you change the background to outdooors


Can I have an extra two weeks it’s all I need and technically summers ends September 22nd


Nope. The contest ends on August 5th.


I suppose I’ll save it until next year or release a beta then


Yep, that happens a lot. Not a problem with my code, but just with Hopscotch… Restart the project and you should be good.


Here is my Entry for the contest:


cool thx!
well done ! :smiley:


This is my submission. Sadly I could not finish this so it’s just a beta version I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow so I will not have enough time. Use the Dev Hack in the bottom left for tests hope you enjoy


@DMF, have you gotten the issues with your entry fixed?

To those who I know have said to be working on an entry;
@Mr.rex, (if you want to enter in this competition too)
@WynterDiamond (?),

Today is the last day for submitting/finishing your entries!


Thanks for the reminder!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to submit a project this year due to me procrastinating too much.

Good luck to those who entered! :blush:


When do you get to know the results?


5th isn’t bad! It’s great! I didn’t even get a place! :grin:


I never said I was joining I just asked if judges could participate.


Ok :D


After we have finished the judging (starting on August 6th), which might take a couple of days.


I’m almost done; I’m not working on “Fishy Dodge” now, I’m working on “Park Simulator”. There are no issues with it :wink:


I think @t1_hopscotch should make topic with results a banner… :sweat_smile:


Ok, sounds good! I am looking forward too it!