[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


I believe there were around 60.


This is in the filter.
But it’s fine.
I removed the reason for it.
I believe it’s because I’ve been abusing the filter lately.
So now all I publish automatically gets caught by the filter.


Good luck everyone, deadline in a bout a few days


I think it should be fixed now — let me know if it’s still unpublished :relaxed: And I’ll record your project in the entries topic!


Even though I didn’t make it for this, I like how this summer-related trail art turned out, so I’ll submit it anyway :P


Nice! That looks a lot like the actual Pusheen, great job!


Thanks! I’m glad people can tell what it’s supposed to be XD


Wow. I could make that, except I’d get approximately 5% of the way before getting bored and making something else.


This’ll be the last time I notify you, I promise. But every time I try to add my prizes to the “Prizes from the community” folder, this happens:

I didn’t try to tamper with any polls, though. So, here’s my contribution for the prizes, I hope that you’ll be able to edit it in for me:


For first place: Colored digital art request (Head-to-approximately belly button level.)
For second place: Colored digital art request (Portrait)
For third place: Black-and-white (possibly colored in some areas) traditional sketch (Portrait)


can we judge this?




i take that as a yes :smiley:


No don’t worrry, I’m glad more than anything! The only problem is, I can’t seem to edit it either :frowning: Not even to fix the formatting of the headings, looks like it’s to do with the latest update to the forum :thinking:

Edit: okay it worked now! I realised what the problem was (it was to do with a [poll] being inside a [details]) Unfortunately it means I had to display the poll again, but i’ll add a note that it’s an old poll.



But i did close the poll so i don’t think anyone can vote


Okay don’t worry then! I think i closed it too :thinking: but never mind actually


Oh ok oh well
Have a nice summer (well it’s the middle of the holidays but yeah)
See u around


Here is my entry for the contest:


Aaaannndd we all just lost first place.


Okay, thank you so much!


lol I feel like I’m going to get a meaningless place like I did last year (I got 5th last year)