[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017


can we add a prize with the edit function? @Hermione


Of cource!!!




That's not a rule. Hehe.


Ok then, I thought people were saying that so I will delete that post XD.


I think some people may have entries but posted them in other topics – I.e. not posted a reply to this topic.

Should we make a public list of entries so people can check whether they've been submitted yet?


Yes that's a great idea!


Can I get people to beta test my game/get some feedback before I enter it in the contest? Will that deduct points off or decrease my chances of winning in any way?


Well, there are probably some judges who have made have the beta or can get it.


Not as long as you beta test with less than 2 people (not including you)


We are a few weeks away from August 5th! So excited!


Who is that on ur profile pic?
(Just wondering)


Kazooooooo kid. It's a meme sorta thing. Everyone asks me this question and for the last time it is not me!!:rage::rage:


I didn't think it was u acutually.
I know ur not a rule breaker!


Thanks Hermoine! Some people think I am...


You can absolutely have people testing your game and giving feedback, but if other people help you with creating the game/project it will count as a collaboration.


Question for judging:
Would it count as a collab if someone pointed out bugs or tested the game? Or should this be mentioned as an entirely different thing? @t1_hopscotch what do you think?


I may not be able to judge on the 5th, would it be better to judge after the parcipitants have handed their projects in?


Yes, and thank you very much, I know what I am doing.



@TheRealBlah, we’ll probably need a couple of days to judge. It would be better to judge everyone at the same time but you can of course start thinking about how you’ll judge stuff already.