[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017



Hello everyone!
This is the Official Second Hopscotch Summer Contest! This is run by the community and anyone can join.

Welcome to the Annual Hopscotch Summer Contest!

Theme: Seasonal-based

We know not everyone lives in a part of the world where it is summer, so you can frame your project around any season. even just your favourite season.
The contest starts on June 20, and the last day for submitting your entry is August 5.
You may enter with any project published later than 1 month before the starting date of the contest.

Judging criteria:

Originality/creativity: /20
Design/graphics: /25
Playability (lag and overall layout) : /20
Effort of code: /25


1st place:
• A custom forum title
• Featured Nomination
• A SPAM like from Hermione
• Request a project from Creations Of a Noob
• Spam Likes from HopscotchRemixer
• Either an art Pad, pixel art, or trail art Request from Hopscotch Remixer
• A hopscotch story from Silverdolphin
• A backdrop from WynterDiamond (see this link)

2nd place:
• A custom forum title
• Featured Nomination
• Spam Like From HopscotchRemixer
• 10 Color Art Pad Request From HopscotchRemixer
• A logo from WynterDiamond (see this link)

3rd place:
• A custom forum title
• Featured Nomination
• Spam Likes from HopscotchRemixer
• 5 Color Pad Request from HopscotchRemixer

Prizes from the Community

@LegendOfFriday - will work with you till you get a feature worthy project
@laser_eyed_puppy - A follow
@ValueGamesStudio - Spam likes and follow
@William04GamerA - A free trail art request and a free follow
@Silverdolphin - a hopscotch themed story ! (For first place only )
@WynterDiamond - A free background (for first place) and a free logo (for second place)
@OnceUponATime - A paper drawing (first place)
@BellaWafflez17 - drawing requests:
For first place: Colored digital art request (Head-to-approximately belly button level.)
For second place: Colored digital art request (Portrait)
For third place: Black-and-white (possibly colored in some areas) traditional sketch (Portrait)
@MR.GAM3R - Request a song using my MIDI hack tool (First and second places only) and a follow (provided I don’t win or I’m not already following you. :P)

June 20th to August 5th.

How to enter:

To enter simply share a link to the project that you’re entering in this topic along with your Hopscotch name.

We will reply to you to confirm we have recorded your submission.

Other notes:

  • You may work in a collab of up to 3 people
  • You may enter a project that you’ve made recently (within a month before the start date, June 20)
  • You may continue to update your project and resubmit a link until the end date.
  • You may enter only one project.
  • Have fun!

This is being organised by the @SummerContestHosts and @SummerContestJudges in this organisation topic.

Note: This is an old poll.
We think that the hosts should judge to what do you think guys

  • Yes hosts should judge with some other judges
  • No only judges should judge
  • I don’t know but I think I’ll say YES
  • POTATO (Yes)
  • :smiley: (NO)

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Summer Annual contest 2017! my own!
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Third Annual Summer Contest Is Coming Soon!
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Do the projects need to be related to anything? Or is it miscellaneous?
Based off of seasons


It would be nice if it is based to seasons!


Ok, sounds good. I'll be making an RPG game, what are some ideas of how it could be related to seasons. I was thinking something about zen or something but idk

The judging criteria should have points for relatedness to seasons (like 5 extra points or something depending on how related it is, idk)


Is the project supposed to be art or games? Or both?


I am going to drop everything to get this done. Ill startt it soon, as stone as I an use grammar again, as I seem to be falling miserably at it now.


Sweet, I'm in! Is the end date August 5, or September 15?


I will check with the others


I just got a good idea for this. I'm gonna go make it.




Can I be a judge? For the summer contest?


i'm not sure!
we are sorting out the judges right biw I will defenitely add u to the list of people who want to be one.


Pretty please with a cherry on top?


Well, I kind of need to know now because if I am not then I need to start working on a project​:wink:


oh okay...
can u start making it tomorrow ...
literally none of the hosts are on
I am deeply sry tho....
Plz start making the projext...
we'll try to get back to u ASAP


It is okay...I probably wouldn't win anyways. There are way better Coders out there than me anyways​:joy:


yes ...
we are planning on how to make this fair
we are thinking for having winners in categories
Intermidiate Coders:
Medium (like in between) Coders:
and Bigginers:


Well, I don't choose favorites so that would make it more fair! I generally judge my friends equal to everyone else because I don't want to be a stereotype.


@Hermione are you guys taking judging requests? So essentially, I'm kinda asking if I can be a judge​:joy:


Can I join plz?