[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017 entries


We’re checking to see that we have all the entries for the Summer Contest.

If your name is here, then it means your entry has been recorded! If not, please reply with a link to your project and we’ll update the list.

Just a reminder that you’re allowed to update your project up until the finishing date (August 5th) — just reply with a new link, or feel free to edit this post.


Cool! Is it a good idea to name each of the links, or put the name of each project at least?


Because the person is named ChristCoder on Hopscotch, and I wanted to make sure that people understood who I meant :D


So is this the official list now? Is the PM no longer official?


Yep. This will be the topic for keeping track of entries, and we will use the PM later on for judging.


Didn't I post something?
Or was that a different contest?


You posted a project on another contest.
Here :D
Would you like to enter it on this competition too?


I wish I could do it, I was doing it with smishsmash but idk what happened to that. Now, I'm really busy and all, so maybe I can't do it... if it's not too late and you have room for another judge, @t1_hopscotch, I'd like to judge. If not, it's cool.


Is that a typo?


Yeah, it's a typo. Sorry.


@TheRealBlah, would you like to join with your project in this competition too?


I thought i already posted it on the official topic?


Yeah, you did :0
I’m really sorry, I tagged the wrong person.
My apologies!


@Mr.rex, would you like to join with your project in this competition too?


Lemme think…


Is this all for the contest, or does it need to be updated


Who’s justdoit.ok🏳️‍🌈?


A Hopscotcher.

@PIANOMAN, what do you mean?


I mean, I thought there are more entries?
Or is the list not updated/current?


These are all entries posted on the Summer contest topic.

I expect a couple more to be submitted, and I know of about three people who have said that they’re working on something.