[Official] Summer 2021 Hopolympics Competition

This is an official Hopscotch event. All prizes below are handled by the Hopscotch Team and the forum leaders & curators.

The time is nigh, the sun is high, and Hopscotchers from the best communities all around the world are gathering to compete in the 2021 Summer Hopolympics! :fire::medal_sports::fire:

This Hopolympics will be centered around recreating a summer Olympics event in Hopscotch. See this announcement in the app for more information to guide your coding!
On the forum side, we have both a bonus themed coding competition and some challenges - where you’ll have opportunities to win some hopbytes!

Hopolympics coding competition!

View the Hopscotch App announcement here:

Need some inspiration?

check out some projects created in previous years!

America Pixel Art! by DylanBarrett
Rippling Canada Flag? by MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
Antarctica: trail art 🇦🇶 by Myyy
By the Fire by Short Circuit
Team Mandalore clones (Hopolympics 2020) by Petrichor.
Talk to an Emu by tankt2016
Team Australia - Trail Art by Rogue Rebel

Prizes for winning projects…

We have three categories for competition, and each category will have its own winners.


First Place 100 seeds! :seedling: 75 HopBytes First place leader competition badge + Gold Medal Emoji Title :medal_sports:
Second Place 75 seeds! :seedling: 50 HopBytes Second place leader competition badge
Third Place 50 seeds! :seedling: 25 HopBytes Third place leader competition badge

For this special event, all users who link their project entries in this topic will earn 10 hopbytes - aswell as a Leader Competition Participation Badge!

Submit Your Project

  • Add #hopolympics21 to your project title AND one of the three categories (#PhysicsSimulation #Mutiplayer #Creatives) to enter your project in a specific category
  • You cannot enter the same project into multiple categories
  • You can change the category of your project until the deadline of the event
  • If you make two different projects - for instance, an art project and a game - you can submit both projects in their own categories

Here are some more ways to earn HopBytes on the forum:

Forum Olympic Challenges!

Challenges! Hopbytes
Post an olympics themed project, and link it in this topic! 10
Post some olympics themed art, as part of your monthly portfolio in the art topic (DHT)! 10
Give someone an imaginary “olympic medal” (post/project) in a made up sport - like day-brightening or extreme-advice-giving! 5
Change your profile to an image that represents your country (within guidelines) - or another that’s competing (and like this post - so we can see!) 5
Nominate an Olympic themed project here (only projects that haven’t been nominated) 5

^ all of the above are redeemable only once!

We have a new project that could help you complete a challenge!

But that’s not all you can do to earn Hopbytes - complete the coding challenges below to rack up some bonus prizes!

Extra-coding Challenges!

Challenges! Hopbytes
Code a poster to advertise your country in the 2021 Hoplympics 10
In your competition entry… Bonus rubric (judging) points!
Theme your aesthetic around your chosen country’s flag - colour schemes, etc 1
Include easter eggs of iconic symbols of your chosen country 5
Code your project using one object and only clones (like the clones category) 5

view hopbytes earned here!

Pop-up Hopbyte Shop (Limited Time Availability) Hopbytes
country flag emoji titles 90 HopBytes (each)
Olympic sport emoji titles 90 HopBytes (each)
coded art of your chosen country’s flag coming soon

That’s a lot, but it’s still not all we’ve got to offer!

In honor of the spirit of unity and teamwork, alike our #CommunityCares event, you can buy these prizes for other Hopscotchers through the duration of the competition!



~ The @Curators and @Leaders


( @omtl @fearlessfriends because we accidentally forgot these in the actual announcement post )


Can we collab with someone? If so does anyone want to collab with me



AAGHHHHH yESs i knew it was a comp dancing
i’m so trying out this time


collabs are indeed allowed!

no need to try out haha, just make a project and follow the guidelines we’ve outlined!


lol you know what i mean - i’m actually making a project this year


Ok cool!

If anyone wants to collab with me tell me cause I probably won’t have time to make a project by myself


So do we do something about sports or somthing?


Could you do 2? Because as netball is not an Olympic sport, I can’t decide between athletics or skateboarding .


select me if you want to



hope that helped :))


So should I make 2 projects or one with both sports?


You can do either! Basically, if you make one project, you can’t put it both into the #creatives and #physiscsSimulation category, but you can make a project for the #creatives category and another project for the #physicsSimulation category. Does this make sense?

However, we don’t have restrictions over how many sports you want to recreate in a single project. The more the merrier! Your project complexity will probaby go up if you recreate more than one sport well!


(The due date in the project is different from the due date in the post)

Ay, very exciting! It’s been a good while since I’ve participated in a Hoplympics (aka before it was an official leader/curator comp), but I’ll definitely try to participate!


(ah good catch. @William04GamerA?)

thats good to hear, look forward to seeing your project!


@FearlessPhoenix or @PumpkinGirl

when you go into scene 3 or 4 (to check the sports), then you go back into the main scene, you can notice a excessive clone bug. I deleted this bug in my version:


So I can make a animation? Bc I would like to make a running animation for Olympic and I think I have to make it a animation. So can I?


I’m totally doing this!


yeah, that’s a project that would fit perfectly into our #creatives category :))

for more info about the kinds of projects you can enter and the categories they fit into, check out our announcement project!


Okay thank u