[Official] Spring Forum Competition 🌷

This is an official Hopscotch Contest. All prizes involved are handled by the Hopscotch Team and the Forum leaders.

Hey Hops!

Can you believe it’s almost spring? There are so many fun things associated with spring, and we want to celebrate that with a competition!

This comp is a bit different from ones we’ve done in the past. For this comp participants will be split into teams and compete against each other in a March-Madness style bracket. The team with the last member standing wins!

March Madness Brackets

The competition will take the form of multiple 9 day rounds. During each round, all participants will receive the same prompt. Each participant will be paired against someone from another team. When that round ends, their project will be judged against the other person’s project, and one person will be eliminated from the comp.

ex: Bear and StarGirl are paired against each other for the first round. They make their projects and share the link. Everyone votes on their two projects and the leaders judge them based on the rubric. Bear wins the round. StarGirl is eliminated and Bear moves on to the next round and competes against someone else with a new prompt.


You will have 2 weeks to sign up to participate in the competition. After that, we will announce teams and the comp will begin on March 1st. You will be given a prompt and you will have 9 days (~1.5 weeks) to complete the round. When the round is complete, community voting will last for 3 days. Winners from the round will be chosen based off community voting and a rubric created by the leaders. Eliminations will be made, and the next round will begin. The rounds will continue until we have 1 winner.


Your goal is to have a member of your team win overall. Support each other on each prompt and help each other with your code.

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
RonAstern123 creationsofavillager asianninja LR10123 Ren BG_Studios
Bobinny DaughterOfHecate Tri-Angle Heracc sophia cutelittlekittycat
nobody ALBUS Andpi Dragongirl1264 TrueHarryPotterLover CB_Studios
Temm Henry Spy_Guy_96 Petrichor PhiStudios cool12317282728
jay Potato Noland Dolphin_Blast KingNomNom Fundardo
ElijahPw DECODECO Manis tankt2016

What happens after I’m eliminated?

Just because you’re eliminated doesn’t mean you can’t help your teammates! Your goal is to have a member from your team win overall, so help them out as much as you can.

Current Round

Click here to view the current round


  • :seedling: 75 Seeds to the individual who wins 1st
  • :seedling: 50 seeds to the individual who wins 2nd
  • :seedling: 20 seeds to the teammates of the individual who wins first
  • :hopscotch: 50 HopBytes to each member of the winning team
  • :hopscotch: 20 HopBytes to each member of the 2nd place team

Sign up here:

  • I would like to participate!

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Check this out @omtl & @The_Swimmers!


ooh cool! def count me in, this is awesome!



very similar to cocr competition


Whats wrong with that


what’s wrong of saying it’s similar to my/henry’s comp

i don’t feel rly happy bc of the similar concept but anyway, i don’t have any rights saying no one can make an elimination comp

so good luck everyone :)


I would love to join but with my current coding ability I don’t think I’ll be able to get very far.

Yknow I’ll just join anyway and see what happens


What is a hopbyte?


check this topic out!


Yea I agree

Tbh I’m excited that the elimination style is spreading

Best of luck

Ps do we get to choose our teammates? Or atleast make requests?


sounds cool! will the teams be randomly chosen or can you choose what team you go in?


Can we choose our teams?


Who wants to join my team?

  • I’m in
  • Nah
  • Accidentally voted

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I’ll join if we can choose teams

Also maybe public poll?

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The teams will be randomly chosen to make them fair.

However, the more of your friends that sign up, the more chance you have to be on the same team with some of them :)


Woah, nice! that looks a lot like the CoC comp lol

Is it 20 seeds each, or to split?

Also what happens if both people competing against each other don’t finish in time?


It says the individual who wins gets 75 seeds so maybe if one teammate one, they would get 75 seeds, and the other(s) would only get 20


Yes, but what I mean is do the team mates each get 20 seeds, or is there 20 seeds in total for the winning team?


75 for the winner and 20 for each teammate i believe
at least, that’s my assumption based on the topic post :P


Teammates of the winner get 20 seeds each :)