[OFFICIAL] Request a tag group creation!

Just a heads up – we’ve cleared some old custom groups that have had 0 mentions in the past year, to make it easier to maintain groups and make sure people aren’t getting heaps of pings if they’ve been inactive.

Would like to bring up this note as well:

If you have an older tag group that is not used anymore, you are definitely welcome to request a new group to replace it (By creating a new group, this would also clear out any inactive members in the group, or people who may no longer be interested in receiving pings)


Name: thetulips


10 earned :))


as soon as a mod gets on, they’ll create your tag list!
^^ @t1_hopscotch


from what i know unfortunately you cannot manually add an user to your tag list, you need their explicit consent - which is the poll. you currently only have 9 people in your tag list, but i can join to make it ten.


oh thank you for telling me! :]
Only join if u want


Just created the group for you now!



Thank you so much! ^ ^


Is this the topic where I can change the pfp to my group?


nope, this is the topic to make a tag group—i believe this is the topic you’re looking for!



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what does it take to be eligible for a second tag list? it would be only used for my event and nothing else

the event is stable (1 year already!), there are a lot of participants, and manually adding people on request is pain and not ideal for other people. ik my event is not officially hosted by leaders but it can be compared with wyrs and icebreakers, which in fact has a tag list for both events for people whod like to participate

and why i wouldnt like to use my rectangle tag list because i dont want to mix my coding, announcements and polls with my math event - two stuff completely different

(@t1_hopscotch holà!) (translation: means hello, lol ik its not necessary but im just being safe haha)


Yeah I can definitely see how it would be useful to have a tag list for that – it’s a pain to have to manage names directly.

The main factor, for allowing people to having more than 1 group, is probably just we haven’t had a lot of mod capacity. With the new group of leaders (and you being one :smiley:), that will probably change in the future.

We have allowed tags for community use, that aren’t really owned by anyone, like WYRs, icebreakers, advent calendar, code help, json modding, 3d in Hopscotch etc. Considering the size of this tag group (~34 people), I think that seems reasonable to me to have a tag group for this case. Let me bring this up with other mods first.


Would I be able to do something like that too then? My game hasn’t been around for long but it still has almost the same amount of people so it’s still a pain to tag everyone.

I know it’s on break as of now and it isn’t the leader or mod team’s fault but the change in how I run my game was done really quickly and it was at a time where I have probably never have been as busy as I ever have again, not your fault so that’s why I need to take a break but if it’s a requirement that I have to be consistent than I could manage it somehow.


Yeah I feel your frustration here.

I brought this up with other mods/leaders too now. It’s an idea we’re pretty open to at first, considering that there are existing tag groups that aren’t owned by any one person.

But currently after thinking about it some more as well, I think we’re probably not suited at the moment to handling more than 1 tag group for users unfortunately, because there will probably be more requests.

We don’t have a lot of mods at the moment (and pretty understandably people are busy with school/college at different times of the year). That will probably change in future though once we have more leaders who might become mods in future, and we could revisit this decision then.


oh i didnt know tag lists were only manageable by mods, not leads
then thatd be understandable then

bookmarking this post for when i will become mod /j