Official Python Topic!



Hello Hops!
Python is a coding language more harder than hopscotch! It is for people like me who want a challenge! Here you can share Python, and Your Creations!

So How Can I Learn And Make Python?

You can download apps and go in websites like inventwithpython where you can even download a free Python book! The official Python app is money but is great for beginners and advanced! Try not to take this off topic or it will get closed! You can though compare Pythin to other Coding Languages or anything that has got something to do with Python

Ps: I Might make Python Challenges and Prizes along with other cool things such as badges for achieving Python projects

HopedHoper = "Sweg"
While HopedHoper == "Sweg":
    Life = "normal"

lol idk


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: That’s one way to say someone is awesome or

Print(I am Awesome!)

Print and then brackets with text will put words up on the screen and when you run it it will go like this

I am Awesome!


Kvj = “aware, lol”

KVJ = “not a frequent ‘pythoner’ Elle XD”



I used to know python! (Then I forgot most of it XD) I have a book on how to code with python.


I’ve tried to learn python a couple of time but failed. I’ll give it a new try soon.


Is @moderators okay with you advertising another coding language? This forum is for talking about Hopscotch…


Yes. Perfectly fine.


All coding-related stuff is fine here, and is encouraged :)


I know Python Basics! If you want a good Python editor, I think that PyCharm is the best choice.
@EP125 I have this Python book:, which one do you have?


No, have a different one. I’ll try to get a link

BB = "sweg"

If BB == "uncertain about learning python":
   print("DO IT!!")


Is there any good python readers online that you doesn’t have to download?


I just did a quick Google search and looks pretty good. It’s got some cool features like suggesting functions and variables.


Thanks you! That’s really helpful for me.


@HopedHoper Thanks, my friend really likes python. And I would like to learn it so that I can use it with this program called Blender


It’s ok! I like blender! 3D is available with it and you can make awesome games

Code and make a escape the room Python game and then copie it on hopscotch
Objective: To understand the differences between Block coding and Language coding
Tell people the differences


Ok, um, sadly, I do not know ANY python


It’s similar to Swift.

There are lots of ways to learn it online.