Official Piggie Invasion Page+ Piggie Requests!


To celebrate the Piggies, I will take requests for the piggies! Just fill out:
What color
What kind (if it's a character or not from somewhere)
Any details
Interactive or not

I will get all of them done by the weekend, the latest you get them will be Monday :D


Color: teal
Kind: not specific
Details: purple spots
Extras: bow in the head
Interactive: yes
Hope you can do this! I'm Crazy_cake


Time it'll take:
20-40 minutes :D

Less if I can manage!


Yay! Thank you so much! Your awesome :smiley::wink:


I took a request on hopscotch


@smishsmash I couldn't add the polka dots because it looked a little bit weird :frowning: but here you go!


Cool trend! Should I remix? Dunno lol


Yes, help Piggies win :D Do you want an anonymous Piggie? That would be interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw them in trending! So cute! Thanks for inviting me! I'm thinking of my request 🤔


Ok! When you think of your request, just tag me!
I have a ninja pig reguest to attend to XD


Who's side should I join?????


I don't know what side to join :frowning:


Hi! Was I invited..? :3
These piggies are really cute! :D


@OrangeScent1could I help with the pig invasion???


@OrangeScent1 can I help with piggie invasion I quit with the porings


I was wondering if you'd like to request ^^
And @Wookie thanks for volunteering, but I'd like to go solo on this :slightly_smiling: you can show support for this though by remixing Darth Piggy and giving a shoutout on your account or something else :D. #PiggyWars


Darn I was hoping I could make piggies like remixed from you to help... @OrangeScent1


Sorry D: but I don't mind you doing a few things like:
A Pig vs. Poring battle
Or anything else you'd want to do :D


It's fine! It's so awesome! When I saw it I was like WOW :grinning:


Color: Brown
Character: Wookie from Star Wars
Details: Make it Cute :joy:
Accessories: a satch across there body like Chewy has on
Not interactive