[OFFICIAL] New Users Guide For The Hopscotch Forum

New User Guide To The Hopscotch Forum

Hello new user! This is the Hopscotch Forum, a place to talk about coding and Hopscotch! This post is an in-depth guide to help you get started here! This post will be split up into sections, if you want to learn more about one thing go to that section, or if you are squeaky clean new, read through them all in order!

Forum Basics

Hopscotch Forum 101 - all the information you need about forum categories
How To Create A Post - a guide on how to create a post to start interesting discussions
Community Guidelines - the rules that everyone needs to follow on here - please read these!
Your Community Leaders - information about what the leaders on here do
What Are User Trust Levels? - a guide about user trust levels
How To Report Potentially Innapropriate Content- Useful if you see a suspicous post or comment

Discussion on The Forum

What Is The Point Of Having Multiple Topics? - A continuation to Hopscotch Forum 101
Where should I put my Original Artwork? - Useful if you want to know where and how to post your art!
Forum Abbreviations - A small guide to common abbreviations used in conversation on the forum
Continuing Discussion - How do you continue discussion without going off topic?
What Topics Are Permitted On The Hopscotch Forum? - Coming Soon!

Regular’s Guide To The Hopscotch Forum

This section is only available to users who are Regulars. Please follow this link to get to this portion of the guide:


If you want to become a Regular, here is a list of requirements:
How Do I Become A Regular? - A list of requirements on how to become a Regular

Fantastic Badges And Where To Find Them

Coming Soon with update v1.2!

More sections coming soon!