[Official] Mega Summer Camp 2019

  1. I did it on the smiley topic but-Congrats Silvery!
  2. On Mindcool’s Idea!
    3.”Freedom is free while permission is costly”
  3. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/107252th6g
  4. It’s clear skies and humid!
  1. Congrats Silvery again!
  2. User variables- suggestion
  3. max word count
  4. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/109cgnyr2g
  5. It’s summer and warm outside!

Well, as you like to do drawing pads, it is one thing you like and that´s great!


Thought I posted a task list yesterday but I forgot too. Won´t be on much tomorrow, so you have got until 2019-07-19T18:00:00Z to complete the 8 tasks below:
Task list 3 + 4:
Post 10 relevant replies across at least 5 different topics
Learn something new about a person and share it here
Explain why CoF can be so dangerous
Read through the Community Guidelines and see if anything has been added since you last read them - post proof by a screenshot of the post containing the guidelines.
Welcome a new user if there are any (if not, a link to a post where you welcome or help a new user (how old the post is doesn´t matter))
Share a topic that you find useful
Update me if you have any upcoming trips or updates about inactivity!

You can still submit proof for all task lists, and the time to complete task 2 has been extended to roughly one hour after this post was created, 2019-07-17T15:35:00Z.






Here are a few! I always try to post well, so this isn’t a “oh no” situation! Here’s five because with ten thus would be a long list!

  1. ShadowSpider has three features!

  2. On the forum, and other places, people can lie about who they are. Some of them are students, while others pretend to be, say they are, but they want kid’s information so they can come over and possibly h.urt you. We have rules about that on the forum, but other websites don’t. They could give a link, lure you to another website, where you can share info without a problem.

  1. In my history I helped with
    Remixes Not working [OPEN]

A question turns into how to make a quick art pad!

  1. None at all!

Here you go!

  1. done
  2. we all kinda already did that yesterday heh
  3. I’ve explained this billions of times lol so I think we’re good on that
  4. read the guidelines again. Nothing new added. Can’t get a screenshot
  5. donee
  6. community guidelines cuz that’s useful
  7. none
  1. Hopefully I did it!
  2. Uh I think we did enough of that yesterday :sweat_smile:
  3. I kinda did that here [OFFICIAL] New Users Guide For The Hopscotch Forum
  4. Here’s a quick snapshot
  5. I’ve done that quite a few times lol
  6. Hopscotch Roadmap This is every useful!
  7. None atm :grin:
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Oof I think this is late

  1. Done that
  2. Yoxmite INC is making a collab to basically recreate Minecraft in Hs
  3. People can track you down and find you. “Surfing around, I’m lost and I’m found. I’m on the hunt I’m after you.” - Hungry Like The Wolf (song)
  4. Nope nothing new.
  5. Welcome @yeetman and @KretZarr!
  6. [OFFICIAL] New Users Guide For The Hopscotch Forum
  7. I will not be active August 11 to 17, relatives are coming over:)
  1. here
    and here
    and this one is relevant I think lol
    I’ll go find more and edit them in…
  2. Idk if this counts, but I learned PewDiePie has a horse in Minecraft named Joergen. And another one names Joergen #2 who got stuck on an island.
  3. If someone leads you to another website/app you can communicate on, there might not be moderation on that website/app, and they can try to pry personal information out of you, and potentially track you down and hurt you.
  4. I think #8 has been added since I last read them.
  5. here
  6. New User’s Guide - What Are User Trust Levels?
  7. I’ll be inactive from August 11–18. Either that or August 12–19. I’ll also be less active next week due to a summer camp.

@MegaSCamp Amazing! Thank you for everyone´s submissions and participation in the contest! Now, I give you guys the day off and then there will be another activity tomorrow.


We have @GweTV as a camp member, so I was thinking we could do a little meme contest.
After that, there will be a summer-related coding activity.

The rules are as following:

  1. You have until 2019-07-24T21:59:00Z to make a meme project in Hopscotch using anything but custom images. Sorry, but this rule exists to make it fair for everyone!
  2. Your meme needs to have at least one Hopscotch character in it. A tip is to use them instead of humans or other living objects in your meme. Why not replace Drake with Bear? Also, the character needs to be visible and a significant part of your project! Don´t place it in a corner, but also remember that your entry doesn´t have to be focused entirely on the character/characters that you include.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSIVE OR INAPPROPRIATE MEMES. I know they exist, and nothing that violates the community guidelines should be posted here.
  4. And the most important rule: Have fun!

i think i’m going to join, but i’m leaving for 3 weeks so sorry


Noice, not guaranteed to do anything but I’ll try for sure

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It´s fine! Only if you have time :slight_smile:


Cool! Excited to see the result if you come up with anything.


Can you have the character set invisibility 100 percent or does it have to be visible?

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It has to be visible, sorry.


@Nobody Hope it is more clear now!


William04GamerA is right. It says your meme needs at least 1 character in it. It doesn’t say your project needs 1 character in it.

But if William04GamerA said your project needs to have 1 character in it, then you’re witty.

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Ok just making sure lol