[Official] Mega Summer Camp 2019

Welcome to Mega Summer Camp 2019!

Another year, another summer and this year I (@William04GamerA) am returning with my summer camp “Mega Summer Camp”. It has been a yearly event since 2016, which means that I have learned a lot and knows what lies behind a successful summer camp. So this year, it will be amazing!

What is a summer camp exactly?
Well, a summer camp is an ongoing event that you can join. In the “camp”, which will be digital and happen on this forum, you do coding related activities the whole summer! Some examples of activities (there can and will probably be more) are:

  • Assignments combined with mini-competitions where you make different projects
  • Exclusive tutorials and coding tips
  • Bigger competitions, both in teams and single
  • Collabs

And much more!

What is required to join?
When you join Mega Summer Camp, there are no commitments at all! Join and leave freely. You don´t have to do all the challenges or participate in everything that is happening! However, when you join, I would like a short description of how much you think that you can be active in the camp and appreciate if you tell me if there are any changes in that, but again - no commitments.

Join by asking below - applications are open the whole time this camp is active.
You will need to have Hopscotch to do the challenges and coding related activities, so you should have the app installed if you don´t want to just help out!

Note: Everything below is preliminary. More information will be added throughout this summer. This could change with time.
Camp open for first signups - Upon topic creation
First activity starts - After enough members have joined
Camp ends for this year - Sometime in the middle of August. This may change though.

Camp leaders
From my experience with previous camps, I will not accept too many leaders because I want to focus on having enough members first. If I feel the need to have any camp leaders, I will either ask some people I think would benefit this summer camp personally or ask for leaders in another way.

Topic guidelines
It is allowed to discuss things related to the summer camp, the projects you are making for it or other things that we may have as discussion topics. However, this is not a General Discussion Topic and off-topic posts will be deleted. If people fail to get back on topic after several reminders, I might have to close this topic temporarily, which would be sad for all the other members in the camp.

The @MegaSCamp group
All participants will be added to the @MegaSCamp forum group by me. If you don´t want to get tagged as a member, simply tell me and I will remove you from the group, but keep you as a member.

I am really looking forward to this and I hope that you guys are as excited as I am!

Some people that were in the MegaSCamp-group from last year (or maybe even 2016) might have gotten tagged as well because I couldn´t remove all users from the group. If you are still in the group, please leave if you don´t want to be in it this year.


I’d love to join!


Awesome everyone fighting for first


Ooh cool!
Can I join please?


I’m joining for sure!

Oof 5 replies in 10 secs

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Please can I join?

Thanks a lot!


Yep sure!
Count me in!



So, applications are open for this starting right now and they will be open throughout the whole camp period.

@Ana will post a statement here soon, but we will not allow any more summer camp topics right now because of several reasons. This will be the only summer camp on the forum this summer.


I might be in but my mother wouldn’t let me, because of “too much appellation to electronics”


Awesome! This clearly has some interest. I won´t make an upper limit, so I will take in everyone that wants to be in here right now. Keep this in mind though:



May I ask how many projects we will make?


There will be varied activities, so it is pretty hard for me to say that exactly! But you absolutely don´t need to do all activities and challenges! No commitments. But I really appreciate if people do their best :smile:


I would like to join!


I confirm! This will be one unique summer camp topic.

For those who are from Australia or other countries in the southern hemisphere – tell @William04GamerA and he’ll help you come with the ideas.
Enjoy! :dancer: :sunny::dizzy:


Absolutely! I am open to other ideas as well. And thank you Ana for the confirmation!


I don’t think I’ll have time. Awesome idea, though.


This sounds cool :sunglasses:
I’ll join.


drops memes

I’m in


Lots of members so far - amazing! I am going to be on a trip between 2019-07-02T22:00:00Z2019-07-05T22:00:00Z (end date is approximate, I will probably not be back until 7th July).

So, what I am going to do is just to ask you and all the members that will join the camp later on to answer these basic questions:
When did you start Hopscotching?
How long have you been on Hopscotch?
What is your Hopscotch username?
How active do you think that you can be in the camp? (answer honestly, I promise I won´t kick anyone out :wink: )

And, feel free to post as many ideas for activities and challenges that you want to do! I have a lot of those already, but we do this together so I want your thoughts as well :slight_smile:


When did you start Hopscotching? 2015
How long have you been on Hopscotch? 2 or 3 years
What is your Hopscotch user name? SportyGeographer
How active do you think that you can be in the camp? Pretty active though I’m a slow coder so challenges could be harder for me to complete

Have a nice trip! I won’t be active then either