[OFFICIAL] Making music on Paper compared to an iPad/Hopscotch (Notes, rhythm, etc.)



Hello! I've decided to make a music topic, similarly to The "Drawing" topic, but this will definitely have less people :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the place to talk about music.

Some great things to do on this topic:

  • Suggest music for others to hopscotchify
  • Ask for music suggestions
  • Share music apps
  • Share music you listen to that would be helpful to others


I will be also posting stuff about my music here, so please don't get off topic.



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I have a music website my sisters like to use on computer.
There was another one, I just forgot what it was XD


Yep, I was right about this topic being silent :stuck_out_tongue:


Don't worry, I'll post some music here, just gimme a few minutes to make a song

Ps I'm bad at music making, so don't judge meh


I was too at start! But then I learned by pressing random notes

Try the same! How about, try to make a "Hot cross buns" on Hopscotch?

I'll try to even give people lessons if they want :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, that would be awessome.
XD I'll try making that song just give me a few minutes.


I did it @Follow4LikesOfficial XD It doesn't sound bad, now I shall move on to harder songs https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xs2q1hx2r


I need some lessons, and please hopscotchify.....


And this song is a parody of:


:yum: Maybe it should be called "Making music on paper compared to an iPad(notes,etc)"


So, watched my one and decided to choose the original verion?


I was just saying that it was a parody! Honestly, both are awesome songs! (I have How Do I Craft This Again on my MP3 player, actually! :smile:)


Can you hopscotchify it please when you have the time?
(like my new title, haha on the topic, it was me)


I'm busy with other projects and collabs, and I am also working on Hopscotchifying this song! Sorry, maybe after the projects I need to finish these projects first! :grin:


I need a primer on what Hopscotchifying a song means :sunglasses:


21 pilots 4 life


Idk, I created the word (if anyone used it before me, then :/)

Hopscotchify means: to export something into hopscotch, coding


Need lessons? XD they are freeeee


Yes please
(really, I thought you had to pay 1 like 4 it?!)


Well, if you need to pay, sure!

Let's begin.

First, make "Hot cross buns" on hopscotch. You can use anything, this is just a pretest