Official Jumpyduckz Topic! (Hopscotch Related)


This is the topic for jumpyduckz yey

We will code stuff


What are the jumpyduckz?

The jumpyduckz are elite ninja warriors seperated into to sides, the Nopes and the Wrenches.

The Wrenches is lead by @Gilbert189
And the Nopes are lead by @CreativeCoder and @Bananadog


Every member of the jumpyduckz has a nickname. Here are current nicknames

@Gilbert189: Iguana Squid Overlord Jumpyduckz Jr
@Bananadog: Banny Jumpyduckz
@CreativeCoder: Master Wizard Jumpyduckz
@Malie: NinjaDuckz
@Bubbles4Ever929: Bubbly
@Intellection74: DuckzSoldier74
@Dude73: Dudeyduckz
@Maltese: Malty

How do I join?

Well you must first talk to Master Wizard Jumpyduckz. Then get the training doc. After that you need a nickname and to pick a side. The Nopes or the Wrenches. You cannot choose both or neither you must pick one.

Why should I pick the Nopes?

Because we are kind and loyal, forgiving and caring. We have obsolete corn and freshly baked cookies. Don't forget the Maltese puppies!

Why should I pick the Wrenches

You shouldn't. JK fine I know the Wrenches might get mad at me so... Because the Wrenches spam docs with WRENCH WRENCH WRENCH and have stale raisin cookies.

How do I decide?

Well, you listen to both sides and then pick which one you like more.


first like and first reply lol


May I join? :0:00:0:0


You must speak to Master Wizard Jumpyduckz first.

@CreativeCoder we have someone who wants to join!


Can I join, may I! Being proper


May I join? @CreativeCoder :0000


Join the wrenches! :D




Ignore this comment.

Nopes are the best


Let's make this related to hs :0


"stale" nope nope nope nope
"raisin" nope nope nope nope

@CreativeCoder you know what. Nope nope nope nope


Who's on the wrenches? :00

This is a big decision :0:0:0:00


We heard @Bubbles4Ever929 point of view, any others?
EDIT: #nothing


Me, Intellection, Corvus, and Maltses, so far! :D

Corv and I are going to code a wrench with MLG glasses. :laughing:


I'm sorry I see a typo

Do you mean "Corn"?


You haven't been accepted yet lol


You don't have to have docs, we can just do most of it here. :D


How do u get accepted, I just want to see what I'm in for, before I'm in for it


@Bubbles4Ever929 may I order one Internet? Thank you


DL the creator of the jumpyduckz is on the Nopes

She can eliminate you from the jumpyduckz if you choose wrench

Also you don't have to make the decision yet you aren't an official jumpyduck in training