[OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself!

Hey @abby1

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Is anyone still using hopscotch in the year: 2021


Hey welcome back! With your acknowledgement I’ll move this to https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/you-can-talk-about-your-hopscotch-coding-here-28-official/61677/577
That’s where people can chat about all things hopscotch!


Hey there! I’m @Cktennis5 just tag me if you need anything
Why don’t you go re-introduce yourself here

Or take a look at the new community guidlines as they have been slightly updated since you have last been online!


Yeah I am! And hi never saw u before cause I joined 2 months ago…


Swag man


Hey, welcome back! I haven’t met you before, but I would love to get to know you!
Sadly, topics like this aren’t allowed, but you can go on over and check out the new community guidelines Cktennis5 linked already in this topic so you know what is allowed.

It’s lovely to have you back!


Wow great to see someone from the original days!

I definitely still remember you, SUPERSWAGGY88

There’s not much of us left from the beginnings. (Can you remember the very old HS editor??? The one from ~2013/2014/2015)

The app has changed a lot with some cool new features. The forum has changed a lot as well.

There’s a lot of new people, but most of the older ones have moved on, as expected. Oh Rawrbear is back doing things. But Coan is on less and less.

Well it’s nice to see you!


:raising_hand_man: I am. I remember your cool projects lol. Are you planning to start using Hopscotch again?

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Hello @Pumpkin


Hi @Abby1503


@Rawrbear hello old friend the world is very different

Anyone know if projects work best on iPad or if I can use my laptop to run things


Hi there and welcome back! I remember you from way back in the days.

You can like and view projects online nowadays, using the web explorer:


Hi! Indeed it is! Hope you’re doing well.

You can actually visit projects online now as William mentioned, courtesy of Awesome_E - he interned remotely last month, which is pretty cool considering all the modding he’s done.

Yeah, I’d say the scene has changed a lot. The userbase is smaller now but project quality has risen since you left because of all the new features, in my opinion. It’s pretty cool - there are now variables that act per-object, online variables that work per-person, images, strings, more instruments, and stuff like that.

Also, people actually figured out how to do proper collision checking, so there are a bunch of platformers that exist haha


ahh yeah haha there was a huge platformer trend a little while back, it was cool to see everyone exploring something previously wasn’t know to be possible haha, it was awesome


I remember old hopscotch

I haven’t done any sort of cs since hs since coding is kind boring to me, but I feel like it was such a basic app that trying to make things from the ground up was really difficult. Also I remember Magmapop figured out how to do a few things (pointing an object to your finger is the only one I remember being frustrated and solving myself) but he intentionally would hide all his his objects so when you downloaded the project you couldn’t really see what code he had written. I remember being 10-11ish years old and trying to come up with physics engines and AI paths that were really intricate, but it took me so long that instead of finishing the draft and publishing I just played video games or got involved in forum drama.


Sorry for the massive post lol

Haha, I get what you mean. I have a million old drafts from those times but my project creation style was generally really experimental, so yeah. And coding is hard when you don’t have the patience lol, but I really like the design and art aspect because it gives you instant results.

Fearless put it really well (they talk about how they made projects very plan-based):

(You can read the full post in context if you want lol)

In general though, I count Hopscotch as more of a game than a coding app, because I don’t make anything off of it. However, we’ve recently started making a textual programming language for Hopscotch, which has been really interesting so far! That’s been one of the biggest things on my mind lately in terms of stuff I’m making for the app, which I want to put a lot of good effort into making with everyone else involved.

Speaking of which… they added in-project transactions with in-app currency lol, so that’s something I got to mess around with lately.

Oh yeah, I remember the pointing thing! Some people on the forum have been lately asking for a better atan() block for doing stuff like that. Nowadays there’s a good sample project which exists that was made a while back.

Can you believe MagmaPOP quit 5 years ago? Now CreationsOfANoob is probably the most popular Hopscotcher on the platform. I thought that was kinda cool.

But I never really realized MagmaPOP hid his code. (Nowadays you can access any object through the code even if it’s not on the canvas - they added a feature in the newer editor called “bird’s eye view” that lets you lay out and cycle through every object.)

And then forum drama… It’s really not that common anymore. A lot of the more dramatic forum users have just left. Honestly, I really like how calm it is, though.


Welcome to the forum! Btw I like ur profile pic @Dinomaster77777

Welcome to the forum @Abby1503!


@Dinomaster77777 yooooo Dino man welcome