[OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself! (Part 1)

Welcome to the forum @Silvia! Feel free to tag me if you have any questions or need any leader stuff done!

It’s great to have you here :))

Love your pfp and name btw!


Hi! I’m not new here— kind of the opposite, actually— but it’s been years, and I wanted to visit. Things look so different since the last time I was here! If anyone wants to catch me up on what’s happened with Hopscotch and the forum over the past five years, I’d love to hear it. :D

@Rawrbear, @Anonymous @smishsmash: Hi! I’m not sure if my name rings a bell— it’s been such a long time— but I saw the three of you were still semi-active, and I wanted to say hi before I chickened out haha. I really looked up to you guys when I was younger, and I hope you’re doing well these days. Wishing you all the best. :)


Hi there! I remember you from the old times, it always gives me so much nostalgia to see someone I remember from years back stop by to say hi.

So much have happened the last five years and since they all have gone by so fast, I must admit that I can’t really identity what happened each year. You can now browse Hopscotch on the web, there is a new thing in the app that’s called seeds that can be used to purchase things in some games and some other things in-app, there are user variables (that save your progress even if you exit the game) and there are also support for string variables. People have really pushed the boundaries with these!


Oh my gosh, hi! It’s so great to see a familiar face— and congrats on being a moderator now! I’ve been skimming through the new projects, and it’s incredible how much Hopscotch has grown— and how innovative everyone is!


Hi! I’m mouldycheese8, welcome back! It must be weird, for you to look at the new projects and things, because I can barely think what hopscotch was like when I started a year and a bit ago! @RubyStars


Hey there, I don’t think we’ve met before, but it’s nice to be meeting you now!

Sure thing! I’m not exactly sure of the things that were around in the forum’s early days, so here’s some of the more recent things that we’ve been doing:

  • Forum games! Topics like The User Below Me and The Last Letter Sentence Game are some of the forum game topics we have here. These are fairly new, so I thought they’d be worth mentioning.

  • The Shops And Requests category! As of last year, you can make shop topics and exchange coded items for seeds.

Honestly, so much has changed since even last year that to update you on everything would take forever to type out haha.

It seems like you’re only here for a visit, but if you ever decide to stay more permanently, you can always tag me if you need anything :))


Hey there, @Silvia!


Woah, another person revisits

Welcome back! Looks like William covered most of the big points, but it’s always nice to see a veteran revisit and check in. Feel free to ask questions if you have any, and I’m sure we’ll be happy to answer them!


hey, welcome back! don’t think i’ve met you before, but i’m president- seems like others have caught you up already, but i’m glad you’re visiting!

and hello @Silvia, welcome to the forum! how are you?


Hi!!! I missed you! I hope you’re doing well too, and I’m so happy you came to say hi!

So many things have changed since you were last on! There’d be soo much to talk about haha.

New Hopscotch features, lots of leadership changes, and way less general chat than before, but things are super chill here on the forum.

A lot of the OGs got themselves banned embarrassingly :sweat_smile: sorry about that. I’d pass along a hi from you but I don’t keep in touch with them anymore.
Some of the other OGs have done some pop-ins like you, but not much else to be heard from them other than that.


Hey :smiley: im not completely new, I’ve been on the forum before! Just decided to do this tho-

What is your Hopscotch username?
Do you have any nicknames you’d like to be called?
Silver, Silv?
What pronouns do you prefer?
Why did you choose your name?
Its just my OC name
How long have you been using Hopscotch?
Since 2018 I think
How long have you been coding?
2018 as well lol
What are your favorite kinds of projects?
Like the ones that have a lot of questery to do
Do you prefer making projects or playing projects?
I like playing, since im not that good at making
Do you know any other coding languages?
Not really…
How did you find out about the forum?
I used to have it, but a friend told me


Hello :DD im doing good, thanks! Wbu?


@Pandy-y hello!


hello! Welcome to the forum! im the forum’s official officer n professor (yes i do arrest ppl here i think i got 100+ ppl in jail dont worry wont put u in jail since ur new) usually im OFFICER CD1F or PROFESSOR CD1F all caps.


Lol ok but dw I will be good ;v;


Hi, I joined the forum around 2019 so we sadly never met

Always great to see someone stop by once in awhile

Hopscotch has changed a lot!
We finally got a redo button and gamepass features


Hi welcome back @Silvia !


has anyone actually called you professor cd1f?


Are you comfortable sharing your past account on here?


hey @Sparklekitty68, welcome to the forum! how are you? sorry if i’m bombarding you with replies to all your posts haha