[OFFICIAL] If we had a reward system on the forum, how would it work?


I have been talking with Ana about a potential reward system on the forum, which would be similar to the Hopscotch Daily Challenge that I used to run.

Hopscotch Daily Challenge:

How It Would Work:

  1. Complete Challenges To Earn Points
  2. Spend Points To Earn Rewards
  3. Have fun!

There would also be special holiday themed events as well. I was thinking we could have coding challenges, art challenges, and forum challenges so everyone could participate.

Possible rewards could include:

  • REAL Badges
  • Emoji Badges :heart_eyes:
  • Forum Titles (Point Milestones)
  • Give us your ideas!

I didn’t know if this would be popular with you guys or what else you guys would like to see added which is why I made this topic.

Please leave me your suggestions below!
@Silverdolphin (I know you were interested in this)


Cool! (first reply)

This sounds great, and I’d love to see how this turns out. Additionally, I would like to be a judge if that is possible. Rewards sound great!


This would be really fun!


We’ve also seen yalls suggestions for a kind of rewards system thing in the app itself, and if something like that was implemented on the forum, how would y’all want it to work?


The challenges would probably be like ongoing community comps or maybe Leader held ones, not necessarily separate comps.
Like the HDC HR used to have, it was basically just him judging and handing out points for completion etc. I think that’s more the system being suggested rn, but if y’all have any other ideas, put em on the table.
No such thing as a bad idea


Nice idea, badges would be cool for prizes and forum titles would be EPIC!

I’d love to join and do this


Yeah I figured, but I thought I might throw that idea out there of a few community judges. I haven’t really gotten the opp. to judge before, and I’d love to give people advice on their coding techniques and help them improve, such as efficiency within clones, text aesthetics, etc. You and I have been around longer than most people and I think this experience would make us great judges. Once again, I know it is a leader run thing, but a select few judges could be incorporated within the reward system.


Awesome! This is a great idea, and I love the idea of custom titles!


Sounds neat!
I would like to join,
Maybe like challenges once a week,
Daily questions,
And little quizzes!


Yeah I understand n that’s a really great idea.

Cept here’s another’s thing to consider:
If we accept community judges or something for an official thing, based on experience or any factor really, people might feel really bad and may feel that justice cuz they’re not experienced, they’re not good enough and it might discourage or hurt them.


Good point, Fea

Maybe spend reward points on a judge position? Idk, though


Yeah I know that’s an issue that’d arise, but there’s probably a solution somewhere in there. I’m not expecting this to go 100% my way or anything like that, the idea is there but the method – I still haven’t come up with that yet


I’m thinking something like that, but… :man_shrugging:


:slight_smile: Yeah


I defintely like this idea!


@petrichor @gobli09 @itzmya @fizzy_27 @anonymous emoji badges huh :crazy_face::crazy_face:


i love that idea :drooling_face:

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The emoji badges sound really cool!

The only thing I have to say is maybe give out custom titles very sparingly. I liked when you had to work super hard to get a custom title. For instance, the top 3 in the summer contest usually get one, and I feel like custom titles should be awarded slightly more often (such as two competitions per year instead of just one), but they should not be given out just for participating a little, instead for dedicated effort.


What rewards?

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Happy anni!

yee, this is totally awesome, thanks for tagging me!

But like @sophia71205 said, only a few people should get custom titles, but whoever wins the thing overall could get regular for a couple of months? Also I think emoji badges sound awesome, nice work HR and the leads! This is so exciting!